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Getting Picky

Hey Ladies!
So recently my one good eater is getting picky, he wants just the bottle right now. I am kind of assuming it can be teething related since his doctor said that can affect his appetite. He will start to eat his food and after a few bites spit it out and shake his head. Anyone dealing with this?

Re: Getting Picky

  • Bubs is starting to do that with the purees. He'll eat just fine for a little bit, then get super upset and refuse to be fed anymore (grabs the spoon and makes an enormous mess). He does finger foods and bottles just fine. I do think it is teething related (he's gotten his first 4 teeth in the last 3 weeks and is working on 2 more, poor kid), and also that he's just more interested in being independent and feeding himself.
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  • n3na94n3na94 member
    My baby boy isn't fully eating full meals yet. He likes feeding himself when I give him puffs, but like you said it could be teething! 
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