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Finally June!!!

Did everyone wake up as excited as I am today!? We are due June 12! Having a baby this month!!!!!!

Re: Finally June!!!

  • We did!! Hubby said "Babe its June!! it's baby month!!" and then put the hospital bags in the car :)  We are definitely excited.  Going to our appointment today at 2:30 -- they are doing a sonogram to check his weight, as I am measuring 2 weeks ahead.  I still feel fine, they just want to get a rough estimate.  I am fine with that, seeing him again makes me happy!!  June 17th is right around the corner :)
  • I'm due the 19th but yesterday I got the okay for baby to come anytime.. This girl is trying everything in the book now. I'm so exhausted! In the past week, I've only gotten about 20-25 hours of sleep. This girl cannot function on that. 
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  • Cant believe we made it to june!!! This is my last week at work before taking leave for 18 weeks and i am thrilled our baby girl is coming soon. Hubby still in denial but what're ya gonna do? Hopefully he figures it out when shes crowning lol
  • I'm due tomorrow! I *think* I'm now noticing contractions although they aren't painful but as of yesterday I'm 3cm dilated and 70% effaced so there's something going on!
  • Very excited it's june! I am due the 24th. I am really hoping for a June baby. While I want her to come on her own time I don't want to wait another month! I love seeing all the birth announcements. Good luck mamas! Can't wait to see your beautiful babies. 
  • @kayla2536  I'm due the 15th and as of today I'm 2cm & 70%.  I def feel things happening too, but time will tell:). Good luck to you & all us June Mama's!!
  • Yay for June...well thank God everything its set: bags in the car, nursery done, car seat is in the car and I'm pre-registered at the hospital. Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant and last week I was 1 1/2 cm dilated. Soo let see what tomorrow the Dr tells me. 

    Im feeling really tired and getting a lot of discomfort. 
  • I'm so excited that I have no more than 8 days of pregnancy left!!!
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  • Yeah!! So glad its JUNE!!! I have exactly 13 days till our scheduled c section... have had fake painful labor for 3 weeks now an no action in the cervix...so unless something changes 13 days isnt that long!! Congrats to all the new mammas out there. I love watching the birth thread... tons of beautiful babies!!! Kinda jealous i want to meet our baby girl!! 
  • As of my Tuesday appt., I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. We're so excited that things are starting to happen, even if it means no further progress for a few days or even a couple of weeks, it's great knowing that the ball is starting to roll. My due date is June 16th so we'll see if the little guy stays where he is until around then, arrives early, or hangs out past that date.
  • So today Im at 38 weeks.  I went to my appointment  and im  3cm dilated  and  effaced but i dont remember right now the percentange . The dr told me that its perfect that everything is going to happen fast. My due date is june 16 lets see if we get to that day .
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