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    I'm impressed you can still maintain down there. It's like a 3 ring circus between Mirrors razors and belly to try and get anything done! Half of me wants to suck up the pain and get a wax job done 
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    While in reality I don't care and know whatever will be will be... I do have a little fear over the fact that my lady bits are in that awkward stage of needing managing before I'm induced yet not being grown out enough for a wax. So I will have a gorgeous mix of razor burn, missed spots and who knows what else come labor time. 
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    agradiagradi member
    Oh the hubs has had to help in that department. I tried the electric razor and somehow nicked myself... I'm gonna probably get a wax mid July so hopefully things aren't too crazy when I go into labor. 
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    DH is working late tonight so I'm tackling this job when I get home since I have no fear of him walking in on me.
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    Tried to do some maintenance, left with some really bad ingrowns. Can't see what's going on down there to try and help the little buggers out, other than exfoliate, so what products are you ladies using? I've been staying away from Cat C drugs (like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid) and unsure about tea tree (heard mixed things). Any recommendations, ladies?
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    I know I need maintenance down there, but I have no energy left to try. I think I will make DH help with the electric razor just to trim things up, but it will in no way be pretty I'm sure
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    Yeah not even trying to shave down there. I have the biggest fear of cutting myself. 
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    I've also been shaving by feel the last few weeks and so far there have been no incidents. I like your idea @thepen15ismighty about using the mirror to double check.
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    Still shaving, mostly by feel.  I find it easier to just maintain once every couple days rather than let it get overgrown and have to knock down a bush...  Twice a week with a couple quick razor swipes is all it takes. But I'm not super hairy to begin with. 
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    Aw'ing about how hairy one's private area is...

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    You. Guys. Get a peanut trimmer. You put on the guard and you don't even need to look. Just buzz over what you have and you're good!
    You mean I can use my DH's beard trimmers on my bush?!  :D
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    Since I am having a c-section, the area needs to be shaved. I'd rather do it than the nurses. Plus I don't want to deal with the itchiness of it growing in or the mess of cleaning it the few weeks after giving birth. I've been using lots of shaving cream and going by feel. No problems yet!
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    Success this morning. Although keeping the landing strip is the hardest part. I feel like taking it all off would actually be easier. I wouldn't be left guessing if it should stay or go just by feel. OFF WITH IT ALL! Or go full bush. Decisions decisions....
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    I shaved my bikini line and legs for our beach trip last week. It seriously took way too long and I had to use a mirror for most of it. I'm not even trying to handle shaving my lady parts anymore! My legs are hard enough to shave these days. 
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    I gave up shaving the region way before I got pregnant. I can't even imagine dealing with ingrown hairs on top of everything else that sucks right now. Or razor burn. Fuccckkk that. 

    @PootsDragon I totally snort laughed at "tiny hair dick" hahahaha. 
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    I tried like a week ago just by feel and I think that may be the last time I try. Shaving my legs is bad enough right now! @Jodi1980 thanks for making me pee myself a little  :D
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    KASGKASG member
    DH wouldn't help me so I got waxed. This was the first time I'm still feeling the effects...I think that wax was much too hot.
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    This is my favorite shaver/trimmer to use. I've nicked myself maybe once or twice using it because I wasn't holding the skin taut enough. I use it solely on my arm pits because my pits are apparently delicate little flowers that get razor bumps when I even look at a razor and consider shaving my pits with one.
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    Shaving only when I need too. It's such a chore these days. I love all the responses and that we are all in the same boat! :)  I shaved for the beach mothers day weekend and shaved again last week because I had an appt where I knew they were going to check my lady bits. I shave mostly by feel and hope to god I don't cut myself then I stand up in the bathtub and use the mirror that's in the bathroom and try to shave that way for any missing parts. Its still a crazy mess! I always ask DH afterwards "How did I do" we get a kick out of it. It is what it is LOL

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