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cholestasis of pregnancy

Hi ladies..I am wondering if anyone has experience with cholestasis. I have been having trouble sleeping due to restless.leg.syndrome as well.as itchy feet at night. I just randomly Google itchy feet..not thinking it had to do with being pregnant and came across this. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow (embarrassing as I just went today and asked a million  silly questions) it's scary bc it says it can cause still birth and you usually have to be induced.by 37 weeks (that's in a week and a half). Do you think this Warrents  an l&d call or Wil they think I'm nuts? I'm stressed bc I've had the itchiness.for awhile but  wasn't alarmed by It at all. Mine is mainly just annoying levels.of.itchiness and a lot of pop online describe it as unbearable with cholestasis
 Any info would be great!

Re: cholestasis of pregnancy

  • The restless legs and itchy feet sound like normal complaints to me. I certainly have them. A woman on July bmb has cholestasis and is currently hospitalized for monitoring (I believe). You can read her posts for info, but it doesn't sound the same at all. Unless you have additional complaints, I'd wait for your next OB apt, should be soon anyway or call your OB during business hours, not L&D. Dr. Google is your enemy right now... 
  • I have restless leg and itchy feet. To the point where it wakes me up in the middle of the night or I find myself itching my feet at night. I just figured it was normal pregnancy stuff. I know the restless leg definitely can be. Take deep breaths and call the doctor in the morning.
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  • How did it turn out for you? I was tested at 37 weeks because I have extremely itchy feet at night but all of my levels and bile salts came back normal. Now I'm a little over 39 weeks and the itch is still there but my doctor won't retest me. I don't know what else it could be...
  •  I'm not sure! I think just sweaty summer feet..embarrassing. .I mentioned it to the doctor but he just brushed it off. Hope it was nothing as now I'm 39 and 5. Hope yours if just regular itchiness too
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