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Hey ladies -
        This is my first month ttc after a devastating loss at 17 weeks due to a rare genetic disease we found out we are carriers for. We have a 1 in 4 chance of it happening again, and are hoping for the best. I'm filled with anxiety and memories of the past year of ttc and then the loss. Back to poas and ttw! Yikes - I hope we can all offer each other support, cause I know I'm not the only one freaking out here! :) Good luck to everyone on this difficult ttc journey!
Me:35, DH 37  ~ Married July 2014
ttc July 2015 ~ bfp Nov 2015 (cp)
bfp Dec 2015 ~ (tfmr 17wk, March 2016, genetic disease)
ttcal May 2016

Re: Intro & story

  • I am so sorry for you loss. Welcome to our little part of the Internet and FX. There are quite a few of us at dpo0-2 so lots of company for the TWW crazies this month 
    Me: 30     DH: 31
    Married: 11.12.11
    TTC: Nov 2015
    BFP #1: 1.22.16                 MMC: 2.29.16 ( tetrasomy 11, partial deletion 1, XXX)
    D&C: 3.2.16
    BFP #2: 4.14.16                 CP: 4.17.16
    BFP #3: 6.10.2016             CP: 6.17.2016
    RE appt: 6.27.2016- saline sono all clear
    Chromosome karyotype- Normal both me and DH
    Progenity: + carrier Tay-Sachs, Gaucher's, hemachromatosis. DH: carrier Alpha 1 anti-trypsin
    Clomid + TI Cycle #1: pending  8.15.16
    Fur mom to 2 sled masters: an Alaskan malamute and a malamute wolf hybrid 
    half marathon running, surgery loving trauma hand and reconstructive plastic surgery PA-C
    PCOS, hypothyroid, MTHFR, hx of LEEP in 2006

  • Welcome and sorry for your loss and the stress I am sure comes from being carriers of this rare disease. As if this wasn't all stressful enough.  
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  • hugs and love - welcome to the boards
    ---TW BFP and MC mentioned - scroll down past the Lilo and Stitch gif to avoid ---

    Me: 33 & DH: 33
    Married: 07/2006
    TTC: 10/2015
    BFP #1: 11/2015, MC 12/2015 (7 weeks)
    BFP #2: 06/2016, EDD 2/15/2017

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  • So sorry for your loss, welcome to our safe little haven!
    Me: 35      DH: 35
    Married: 8/16/2014
    TTC 6/2015
    BFP #1: 1/2016, MMC 3/2016 (9 weeks)
    BFP #2: 6/2016, DD born 3/1/17 at 39 weeks 1 day 
    BFP #3: 1/2019, CP (4 weeks 1 day)
    BFP #4: 4/2019, Due 12/10/19

  • So sorry for your losses. I know someone who both she and her husband were carriers of a genetic disorder and were told that there was almost zero chance that they would have a healthy baby, especially a girl. They did suffer about 4 losses but they have three healthy beautiful children, including a girl! I don't want to give false hope and I don't usually talk about things without hard evidence...but try to stay positive. Doctors cannot predict everything. 
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  • welcome to our board, i'm so sorry for your loss and upsetting news. FX your stay here is short.
    TW*** Child and loss mentioned
    Married 10/12
    DS 11/14
    Ectopic 2/16
    PCOS/Ovulation Dysfunction 11/16
    IUI x 3- BFN
    Laparoscopy 3/17 Endo and tubal damage
    IVF- 4/17- 40 eggs retrieved, 10 blasts, 7 pgs tested embryos
    FET- 6/17- BFP!
    Due Feb 15, 2017
  • I am so sorry for your loss. This board has been very helpful in my healing process. Hope you find it helpful as well.
     ****TW: Pregnancy, loss and children mentioned****
    Me (39) DH (40) 
    From my first marriage DD: 03/04 CP:01/06 DS:12/06 
    DH- no kids
    TTC: since 2/15, RE Consult 9/15
    IUI #1 10/15: Letrozole = BFN 
    IUI #2 11/15: Letrozole + trigger = BFN
    1/08/16: Surprise- BFP!!  2/16/16: MMC @10w 2days,  D&C: 2/17/16
    TTCAL: May 2016
    IUI #3 5/27/16: Letrozole+trigger=BFN
    IUI #4 06/24/16: 7.5mg Letrozole+trigger= BFN
    IUI#5 08/24/16 Menopur+trigger = BFN
    IUI #6 09/19/16 5 mg Letrozole +Menopur + Trigger= BFN
    **10/2016: No more medicated cycles, TTCAL on our own**
    12/03/16: BFP!! EDD: 08/12/17 It's a girl!! 
    Eleni was born on 8/14/17!!
  • So sorry for your loss and for finding out that you two are carriers of a rare genetic disease. I am inspired by the amount of positivity and strength shown in your words. I hope that you find the support you need from our wonderful board.


    Me: 32      DH: 32
    Married: 11/19/11
    TTC 3/15
    BFP #1: 10/15, MMC 12/15 (10.5 weeks)
    BFP #2: 7/16, DD born 3/2/17 at 38 weeks <3
    BFP #3: 4/18, DS born 12/11/18 at 36 weeks <3
  • I missed this intro earlier! I'm sorry for your loss but happy you found us here. I'm hopeful that your stay here is short, but we are definitely here for all the crazies that come with TTCAL. xo

    Me: 40, DH: 35 / Married: 2009; TTC #1: 2013

    2013 - 2015: 5 pregnancies —> 5 miscarriages

    TTCAL with RE (RPL specialist): February 2016

    2016: 3 medicated TI cycles —> 3 medicated IUI cycles: All BFN

    Donor Egg IVF Transfer: May 1, 2017

    May 11, 2017: BFP!! Beta #1: 449.1, Beta #2: 844, Beta #3: 1714

    EDD: 1/17/18, it's a GIRL!  <3 E. L. A. born 12/7/2017

  • Welcome @KarenBeth714, so sorry for your loss. Please know you are definitely not the only one freaking out. You are surrounded by a special group!
    DH - 34, Me - 32
    Married 7/13
    TTC #1 since 10/13
    BFP 2/4/15, MC twin boys at 18w3d 5/15
    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • I'm so sorry for your loss and the delicate situation that you find yourself in. I wish you the best and welcome!
  • Im so sorry for your loss. Welcome to our little place and I hope your stay is calm and short. Hugs!
    Married 06.21.14 / TTC since 11.15 /
    BFP 01.03.2016 / MMC 6w5d D&C 02.2016 // BFP 05.06.16 / natural MC 05.12.16
    Benched 06.2016-08.2016 / TTC again 09.2016! On a diet. Cranky.
    BFP 10.02.2016 / NT scan at 12w looked normal / Anatomy scan at 20w everything ok
    Team blue! / EDD June 11th 2017
    DAVID ROGER was born on May 23rd at 37 weeks.

    Architect, Peruvian living in Chile. I love art, opera and good chocolate.
    Started PhD studies in Architecture on 2017.
    Fur mom of a rescued miniature poodle called Luke Skywalker.

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  • I am sorry for your loss
  • Thanks everyone! and thanks for sharing your friends story @MooFish2364 it gives me hope.. I know I may be facing another loss at some point, bc we want at least two kids, so it will be a long road ahead. I didn't want to do ivf with pre genetic diagnosis yet, just wanted to try naturally. If it happens again, I don't know what I would do. Trying to stay positive.
    Me:35, DH 37  ~ Married July 2014
    ttc July 2015 ~ bfp Nov 2015 (cp)
    bfp Dec 2015 ~ (tfmr 17wk, March 2016, genetic disease)
    ttcal May 2016
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