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weird issue with husband

Hi all, I feel bad saying this but I wonder if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Lately I feel like my husband is being clingy--either that or he's exactly the same, and I am the one who is different. He always wants to cuddle and I feel like I don't want to! It's a very strange problem...I used to LOVE to cuddle. Now, sometimes it's not comfortable, but that's not always the problem...sometimes I just don't even want to be touched. Things are otherwise great between us (well, I feel bad about the infrequent sex, but that's pretty common this late in pregnancy). I love him just as much as ever before...but is it weird that sometimes I just do not want him to touch me?!?!

Re: weird issue with husband

  • We go through this periodically. It's always worse right before and right after we have a baby. I get really touched out because we have two young kids, pluss one living inside me that never stops moving, so at the end of the day I just want to have my body to myself as much as possible. Dh is very touchy, and he sometimes gets upset at me for needing space. I'm just honest about when I really need a break, and I try to make sure I'm physically affectionate or close as often as I can muster the energy. Talking about it openly helps, even if he doesn't always understand. 

    Although he wont admit it, my husband always gets kind of jealous of the time I spend with our new born babies. It's an adjustment phase and some people deal with it differently. 
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  • I hear ya. I feel like many of us just don't wanna be touched near the end. I'm normally the cuddle bug with all my friends, now I don't even hug my friends anymore cause I just don't wanna be touched.  
  • m8881m8881 member
    My DH isn't cuddly at all but we normally hug a few times a day and cuddle some in bed and I can't tolerate either of those things at all starting a month or so ago. I don't even want him touching me a little in bed, it makes me feel suffocated and I echo the pp about sweltering. I cant even have a sheet on me or I get too hot. I just want space!!!!
  • lm45678lm45678 member
    I feel ya- I honestly feel like a fat, bloated, sweaty, uncomfortable whale.

    Unless he is handing me ice cream, rubbing my feet or scratching my back I'm not interested either... And I am generally VERY affectionate.
    Me (31) & DH (32)
    Married 9/27/2014
    DD Born 6/23/16
    Baby #2 Due 3/7/20
  • Soooo glad i'm not the only one. Thanks!
  • Same here!!! This is legit how i feel... At the end of the day, the last thing i want is to be touched. My best friends fiance is all about touching and holding and kissing my belly and i just want to slap her. I feel so uncomfortable being touched especially with the heat picking up. Nevermind my poor husband who at night just wanta to put a hand somewhere on me to show some kind of affection. Im like...u want love? Buy my icecream and we'll see
  • SMLmomSMLmom member
    Haha @aoliveira0726 "buy my icecream and we'll see"- sounds like a good response to a lot of things right now.
  • Mmmmmm ice cream 

    last night I was so torn between being somewhat horny and the rest of me being hot and not really wanting any close physical contact ... The you have 90 seconds max discussion doesn't really get things revved up. 

    Now for icecream that might change things
  • So i caved last night and we had sex. It was so awkward because its been probably over a month since the last time. The only way i can describe what i felt while it was going on is "revirginization". It felt tight and uncomfortable and immediately after i felt....idk, i guess the best way to explain it was blue balled lol. Even though i was able to finish, i was still left feeling a weird sensation. But talk about an awkward experience. We went from multiple times per week down to almost never...and i just keep thinking that after she's born it wont be like this lol
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