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Sleeping though the night

My daughter is 3 1/2 months old. In the past 3 weeks she has majorly increased the amount of time she sleeps and goes without feeding at night. I can feed her and have her asleep by 930-10 and she will sleep until about 8 or 9am! She also naps very well during the day. I am by no means complaining,  just wondering if it's okay or normal? Should I be waking her up to eat during the night? My husband and I have been loving the extra sleep, but I wonder if she is getting enough nutrition. I have a doctors appointment in a week and will be asking him about it. Just looking for opinions?

Re: Sleeping though the night

  • Sounds like it's probably normal/okay to me. There are other moms on the board with babies who sleep through the night like that, too. So lucky! After a truly awful night with my little guy, I'm seriously jealous. Good idea to check with your doctor, just in case, but doesn't sound like a problem - especially if she seems happy and is producing good pee and poo diapers for you every day.
  • I'm guessing your doc will say to enjoy the sleep as long as baby is gaining weight and that lots of babies can do longer stretches. Our LO goes in fits and spurts of sleeping 7-11+ hours and then reverts back to 3-4 hour spurts (which seem extra rough after sleeping well). Enjoy the extra sleep if you can and aren't up worrying about why the baby hasn't woken (which is often what I do)!
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  • klbhklbh member
    Enjoy it! It might not last... my LO was doing that a few weeks ago, but not lately. I hope every night he'll go back to his good sleeping ways. 
  • nbc2015nbc2015 member
    Enjoy it while it lasts! My baby was doing the same thing, but as we are one week away from the 4 month sleep regression period, we are back to waking up at 3:30 a.m. (after about 6 hours of sleep), rather than sleeping 9-10 hours. Booooo!!!
  • I would not wake her up in the middle of the night. If she was hungry she would wake up. Enjoy the extra sleep.
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  • My son sleeps from about 930/10-7 am, eats, then goes back down until about 930! My pediatrician said to never wake a sleeping baby, as long as they're gaining and eating enough during the day! 
  • He's is 16 weeks. I'm waiting for the 4 month regression to kick in, so I'm enjoying my sleep now, because I know the good has to come to an end at some point! 
  • My LO is sleeping through the night 4-5 nights/week. But my second born also was sleeping through the night at this age and went back to waking every 3ish hours when he hit 4 months. Didn't sleep through the night again until he was 12 months:(
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  • Mine usually gets up around 3 to eat . She regressed a few weeks back but seems to pretty much have gone back to this schedule luckily . She usually goes down around 7-730 at night 
  • lbart86lbart86 member
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    I'm scrolling through these replies in pure jealousy. My LO (3.5 months) has only slept 5 straight hours once and 4 consecutive hours twice. Most nights it's every 2-3 hours and usually every 1.5 after 5AM. Enjoy it! I'm hoping we don't have a bad sleep regression because there isn't a lot to regress from!

    I truly hope you get to keep your precious sleep!

    ETA: spelling fail.
  • As my doctor said to me: don't you dare wake that baby up!! :)
  • DD has been sleeping from 7:30p to 6:30a since 11 weeks old. Babywise mamas unite! Baby can generally sleep 1 hour for every week old they are starting at 6 weeks.

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