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Anyone else more emotional during AF

I am having my second AF after my d&c two months ago and just feel like super emotional. I have broken down in tears the last two days and have been feeling more discouraged. I know AF can make you super hormonal but this seems worse than before. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Re: Anyone else more emotional during AF

  • I'm currently dealing with EVERYTHING for some reason making me super emotional but yes, I do find it worse with AF, especially after loss. For one thing, there is already a big hormone change around AF that can lead to being more emotional but I also find AFs to be triggering post-loss. In that, it's like retraumatizing because it can feel like our body is going through the mc again (whether we're conscious that it's triggering that or not because our bodies can remember trauma subconsciously). I hope that makes sense? Try to be extra gentle with yourself and let yourself cry if you need to <3
  • jdebaiejdebaie member
    Yes, definitely.  I just had my first period after my D&C and I was very emotional.  It felt like extra affirmation that my pregnancy was over. :( I feel better a few days post-AF and I hope that you start feeling better soon too!

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  • E2theBE2theB member
    I'm on my second AF after natural miscarriage 2 months ago. I'm extremely emotional today in particular. My first AF after was heavy on the bleeding and not much pain. This time around is cramps and dull backache that's reminiscent of the pain from the miscarriage.

    I just can't seem to shake my sadness today. I was okay for a while there, but the past few weeks have been very rough again. We're back in that state of not knowing and wondering if/when the time will come and it drives me crazy and makes me upset.
  • fioripfiorip member
    Last week I was on my first AF post miscarriage. I was driving home from the supermarket and had the radio on, the Dj took a call and this woman was requesting a song for her little girl who was now 7 years old. She started talking about how rough it was in the beginning because her girl was a premie and she was a little behind at first but is such a smart girl now. As I arrived home I sat in my car for at least 20 minutes just inconsolably crying, I couldn't stop, I just kept thinking how lucky she was to get her miracle baby and how my three children didn't have the same luck, I was so hyper emotional I felt my chest hurting, I literally felt physical pain, I was at my absolute worst since the miscarriage and I totally think it was the hormones. 
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  • Oh yes, also forgot to mention yet another reason I think it can make us more emotional: it confirms what hurts the most; that we are no longer pregnant :( that alone is hard, not to mention the hormones and triggering physical feelings. It's a perfect storm, unfortunately :'(
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