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  • 1. How far along are you? 22 +1

    2. Next milestone you're looking forward to? DH being able to feel baby move, along with more consistent movements, our next ultrasound at the end of June, and FINALLY (after weeks of nagging) being able to put our nursery together next week.

    3. Rant/Rave/Positive Vibes: I'm with everyone on the PGAL brain train. Our loss was at 21 weeks, which just passed for us, so I feel like every week that passes now is scary uncharted territory. We went out of town for the holiday weekend to Vegas and it was HOT and there was a lot of walking and you betcha I took my doppler with me... and I used it. 

    Also... my vagina hurts? Usually when I stand up after lying down, so I think maybe it's blood flow, I hear it's pretty common, but DAMN! OUCH! 

    4. GTKY: What's your least favorite food? I'm also a foodie and will try anything once, BUT I can't do really fishy tasting fish or offal meats like liver or sweetbreads or anything. I also have a pretty strong hatred for fennel seed. Blech. 

    Brussel sprouts are probably my favorite veg! Anytime I see them on a menu I get them and at home I love to roast them to get crispy with some shallots, garlic, and BACON!!!! 

    Ditto on the fennel seed! Double blech!
    Also, sadly Brussels sprouts were my #1 fav. Food until I made a life changing mistake of eating them at 6 weeks pregnant and that was the onset of my food aversions I suffered from until I was 16 weeks or so. Something about green vegetables I still struggle with now at 20 weeks. Maybe one day I will be able to enjoy my oven roasted maple balsamic sprouts again
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  • @RainMira9e I totally understand the movement woes. I feel this DD very sporadically, and it always freaks me out when I'm in a lull. I'm hoping it gets more consistent soon. 

    1. How far along are you? 19 weeks

    2. Next milestone you're looking forward to? Consistent movement and for DH to feel her too

    3. Rant/Rave/Positive Vibes: I'm trying to be ok with it, but having the placenta right by my cervix is freaking me out some. No sex on doctor's orders, which sucks but I can deal with, but I'm now worried about working to hard and putting myself through too much stress. It will be what it will be if I need a c-section, but if the placenta stays right where it's at she doesn't even want me dilating. Not what I was expecting for sure, and a new thing for my PGAL brain to obsess over. 

    4. GTKY: What's your least favorite food? 

    Raisins. Raisins are freaking gross. 
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  • does anyone else still have the "I can't believe how pregnant I am..." thoughts? I look at
    my belly and feel her move like "is this really happening finally?" about every 6 hours...
  • @mrszoess yep, sometimes I just stare at myself and then am surprised it's not just me sticking my stomach out to see what I'd look like pregnant like I used to. And, although I definitely don't like attention drawn to me, when people realize or see that I'm pregnant and react as usual like how I and any other person prob would, in my mind I'm like "wow, don't they get what's happening? That I  am possibly getting my own take-home baby in the foreseeable future??" As if it's never happened to anyone before and they just couldn't possibly get how significant this is. Haha I'm a silly person sometimes
  • @UponAStar16 we are so used to having bad things happen that when the doctor tells me everything is going well I almost don't believe her 
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