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HELP! 9 months pregnant and baby not sleeping

I have a 16.5 month old daughter and l am 9 months pregnant (c section scheduled 2 weeks from today). My daughter went from sleeping consistently through the night to now waking up at least 5 nights a week at least once a night for a couple of months now. My husband in an effort to get her to sleep started a habit of giving her milk when she gets up and now she stands in the crib yelling for us until we get her and immediately points to the kitchen. I want and need her back to sleeping through the night with a new baby coming so soon. I have horrible pregnancy insomnia and once she's up once I am basically up the entire rest of the night. She has no trouble falling asleep and usually wakes up about 2-4 hours after being put down at her normal 7:30. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Re: HELP! 9 months pregnant and baby not sleeping

  • What happens when she falls asleep at bedtime? Is she going to sleep independently? When is her bedtime and what time does she wake from her last nap? When does she wake up in the morning and how long is her nap(s)?
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