Pregnant after a Loss

BFP two months after miscarriage

Hello all,

I sadly miscarried my first baby on 3/18/16, just 11 weeks into pregnancy. It was devastaing and heartbreaking, and caused many weeks of pain. Amazingly, after getting my period again in April, we TTC and miraculously we suceeded! I got a positive pregnancy test using a home kit two days ago. Except this time, it feels so diffferent...not as much joy and elation, it feels like a mixutre of amazement, gratefullness, as well as an overwhelming feeling of fear for the next few weeks and months to come. It really hasn't hit home yet that we are pregnant again and that this little one inside me is a different baby.  It doesnt' feel as magical and amazing as the first one did. I feel sad that my heart isn't in it yet, but my husband especially is feeling cautious and not wanting to get too emotionally involved until we know it will make it to full term. I have hope that there is a reason God blessed us with another baby, and I"m so in awe that it happened...but cautious and scared. 

Have any of you had a pregnancy quickly after miscarriage, and have a mix of emotions? Overwhelmed by this quick development?  Are you scared? We see the doctor in a week and a half to confirm it, but nausea has already set in and I have two positive pee sticks so I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant 

Re: BFP two months after miscarriage

  • I'm terrified, overjoyed, guarded with me heart, excited, and honestly didn't get happy at all for AGES.

    I'm the weirdo who apparently got pregnant within 4 hours of the doc saying "go ahead and try" after a double d&c adventure.

    ive gotta tell you, I'm still terrified every moment but each milestone past the loss anniversary has allowed me to breathe a bit.  I really don't think we even really acknowledged baby as a real person until just this past Friday at our anatomy scan.  But... she's perfect and here's hoping you get your own rainbow.

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  • This sounds totally normal. I've had three losses and have two healthy boys and an 36+3 with another little boy. Two of my losses were before I had my first successful pregnancy so I e never had the experience of just bring blissfully ignorant to what could happen while I'm pregnant. I worry every second of every day I'm pregnant, especially until I can feel consistent movement. And even after that I tell myself I won't be convinced until there's a baby alive and in my arms. I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months here!  Try it to worry too much (yeah right). Just know that it's out of your hands and worrying isn't going to change anything!  
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  • Thank you so much!! It is comforting to read your stories :))
  • I also got pregnant on my second cycle after a blighted ovum. My little guy is 6 months old now. I don't thinkni ever "felt better", but ip did calm down some once i could feel him on a regular basis.
  • I also got pregnant on my second cycle (first month trying) after my very early loss. The first tri was brutal. I had an emotional breakdown at 8 weeks and cried for two days straight because our dads told the extended family before we were ready. I'm now 21 weeks and feeling a lot better, though I do still have my days. The best thing that has helped me is having non-baby things to look forward to each week, keeping busy, and not pushing myself to feel excited when I'm just not ready yet. You'll get excited on your own time and love that baby fiercely once he or she gets here. :)
  • I got a BFP a month and a day after my d&c. I was numb. I had almost a void of emotions as if any joy I had was washed away with the fear I had. My baby stopped growth at 10 weeks and we found out at 12 weeks. I wasn't able to start feeling happy about this pregnancy until 16 ish weeks and wasn't completely excited until he was in my arms. It was an emotionally rough pregnancy, but the moment I saw him crying and healthy, all of those negative emotions were gone.
  • I've had a wide range of emotions this pregnancy. Mostly excited and terrified. I still get really nervous before every ultrasound. I feel like I'll be holding my breath until I'm holding an outside baby. Now that I'm feeling daily baby movement I am able to relax a bit. 


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