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Favorite High Chair??.... GO!

The hubby and I were out high chair shopping today and we realized there are so many to chose from! We, of course fell in love with the 4moms, it seems very sturdy and easy to clean! However, it's pretty pricey.... Anyone have an high chairs they absolutely love? Or totally hate?? Thanks!! 

Re: Favorite High Chair??.... GO!

  • ekscoppekscopp member
    No opinions here, but I'm so curious to see what people say. We haven't even been looking yet, but are gli
  • ekscoppekscopp member
    No opinions here, but I'm so curious to see what people say. We haven't even been looking yet, but are going to need to really soon!
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  • We have the Guzzie & Guzz Perch, though it is not an actual high chair, just a chair that attaches to the table itself. We havent started feeding solids yet but we've put LO in it a few times and he likes it, it's very sturdy, and the cover comes off and can go in the washing machine! I like it because it's not another piece of furniture to worry about it, its easy to store away if needed and we can take it with us to restaurants and such if needed too! Be careful though because Phil & Ted make a similar product, but my girlfriend doesn't like it because it can't be washed. 
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  • TRA0816TRA0816 member
    We have limited space in our house So We chose the fisher price one that sits in a chair. I like it so far. He seems to sit in it really well and has since about 3 months because it has shoulder straps. Seems easy to clean even though all we really use it for is toys...
    Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair, Luminosity https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00J36ZXOU/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_Cmitxb764RRY2l

  • I have the Chicco Stack 3 stage high chair.  It's very durable, and I like it for the most part.  The one thing I am not a huge fan of, is the way the tray slides in and out to get LO into it.  If I am holding DS and I go to unlock the tray and slide it out, the whole thing comes off.  I like to be able to pull it out a little bit and then slide LO into the chair, but we have to take the tray off each time we put him in it. 
  • livinslivins member
    We got the 4 moms. LO loves it and I'm in agreeance. It's so easy to clean and get together. And I love the magnet elements! I used a BBB coupon when they had free shipping to try to bring the price down which helped, but I'm really all about what is going to make life easy for us so I think it's worth every full price penny.
  • We went with the 4 moms, too, and love it.  That magnet thing is GENIUS.
  • We also have the Fisher Price space saver and love it! LO has been sitting in it since 3ish months. It's currently sitting on top of the table as his feet don't yet reach, but when they do, we'll move him to the chair. It's super nice when I'm cooking or washing dishes! Just plop him in and give him some toys and he's good!

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  • I love our Boon. We had a traditional one with a fabric over and it got gross quickly with food getting stuck in nooks and crannies. The boon is pretty seamless and easy to clean. It's also super easy to move around and the tray fits in the dishwasher 
  • We got the Phil & Teds Poppy high chair. This is a great chair for minimalists. There is no fabric and just nice, easy to clean surfaces. It also breaks down into a my-size chair for kids so it has multiple purposes. https://philandteds.com/us/Products/Feed/poppy#.V1bSrle7bFI
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