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*Happiness Thread* Week of 5/29

What are you happy about this week?

Re: *Happiness Thread* Week of 5/29

  • I'm happy that my fantastic friends brought me a pound of fresh mozz that was made at an Italian deli in Hoboken. (I sound so disgustingly jersey but this cheese is INSANE) 

  • Ribs & Harry Potter weekend!  :p
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  • I'm happy that I have off tomorrow :) and 2 field trips at the end of the week, so really 2 work days this week. 
  • We got all our yard work done. There was so much. We got a new house so we have been working for months to get it done. Finally got the garden planted, flower beds built and planted and flower pots done! Also spent some time in the nursery organizing clothes. For me happiness is feeling caught up around the house, which is the first time in months.

  • There were major storms across central Europe this weekend. More than 40 people were hit by lightning and several towns very close to me are completely under water. I live one house away from the river so it could have been really bad but aside from some very battered looking flowers we are completely fine. Actually just got a notice to be extra careful today because our emergency personnel are going out to other towns to help.

    ALSO we had dinner with friends this weekend and they gave us an entire box of old bottles as well as a play blanket and rocking baby seat :)
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  • I'm super excited about our AS in exactly one week, while our amusement park plans fell through we are about to leave for the beach instead, I just ate some wicked yummy pasta salad. 

  • LGW2015LGW2015 member
    We had a great weekend with my parents who came to visit. It was so nice to just be with them, relax and eat good food in the nice weather! My mom also took some nice maternity photos of us. Today DH's cousin is coming from the west coast and DH's parents are coming to visit. DH, cousin and dad are going to the Penguins game and they're super excitedd! I'm excited for them!
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  • I have 4 short work weeks in a row between Memorial Day Weekend and our babymoon! Woohoooooo! 
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  • suzy311suzy311 member
    I've been having some annoying sciatic/back pain and my husband just booked me a surprise prenatal massage for this afternoon! I get some relief AND I can leave work early!
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  • DH took me out for a surprise lunch. Fried scallops and a milkshake!
  • I can now feel the baby kick!!
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  • LGW2015LGW2015 member
    @kennelchick that sounds like absolute heaven.
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  • lindzserslindzsers member
    edited June 2016
    I'm happy that our friends threw us an amazing joint baby shower with another couple who is due 6 weeks before us, and are also mutual friends. I don't have a huge circle of friends, and I honestly didn't know if I'd get to experience a baby shower. The kindness of our little "village" in town overwhelms me. 

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  • I only gained half a pound since my last doctors appointment which was 6 weeks ago. 

  • I have an entire cup of chilis queso to mysel
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