Back pain and gas pain!!

So I'm 13 days postpartum and my recovery started out really good but as of late I'm getting terrible lower back pain along with pain in my sides which I think is gas. It subsides if I take a Percocet but it comes back as soon as the pill wears off. Heated prune juice has helped on the gas. Has anyone tried Icy Hot or any of those types of things for back pain? I believe this pain may be associated with the epidural. 

Re: Back pain and gas pain!!

  • SmallyMcSmallSmallyMcSmall member
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    I use to use tiger balm for bad muscle pain in my shoulder; it doesn't smell the best to some people but it worked great for me. As for gas pain, best natural/easiest thing you can do is walk as much as you can!

    Eta: also I'd recommend getting a reusable microwaveable heating pouch. They're usually filled with clay beads or something similar and hold heat better/longer than the disposable pads and costs about the same. The one I got could also be placed in the freezer for cold relief as well.
  • Thanks! At this point I'm willing to try anything. I'm 2 weeks pp and things seem to be worse than Day 2 pp. I'm going to see my OB in the AM. 
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