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EBF babies how often does your little one eat?

My  daughter has been eating 2-5 min more like 2-3 min at a time. I try to offer the breast an hour later because I think she must be starving but she just screams. She does wake up at night to eat and nurses around 5-8 minutes with no problem about 3-5 times a night (yup, annoying wakes more now than she did when she was 1&2 months old)! :/ she has plenty of wet and dirty diapers and is gaining I'm sure plus very playful but she seems fussier the last few days however refuses to eat. I'm gonna try every 2.5 hours (unless she seems hungry before then of course) anyone else have this problem? I've never seen a baby who doesn't want to nurse. :(

Re: EBF babies how often does your little one eat?

  • smn14smn14 member
    My LO Does that in the evening sometimes, screams when I try to feed her. What I've been doing is giving her the dummy to calm her til she can latch on. Then about 5 mins later she usually feeds fine. Don't really know what it is...looks like my milk offends her from the look of anger and disgust on her face!!!! During the day I tend to feed her every 2-3 hours. Often more frequently in the evening. 
  • hnullhnull member
    @smn14 glad I'm not the only one who's daughter does that! It's just like I'm just trying to feed you, silly girl! Thanks for the reply!!
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  • My LO is distracted by EVERYTHING right now. I sometimes tell my husband he's not allowed to talk if she's eating because she'll pop off roll over and smile in a never ending cycle when she hears him talking or me laughing. While it's adorable, it drives me crazy, too, because I know she'll be crabbier if she's hungry. She's still eating every 1-2 hours (sometimes every 3) during the day but is back to sleeping well at night (thank goodness)! She's finally down to 10-12 minutes for a good feed and her short sessions are about 2-4 minutes.  I'm so glad I'm not alone!
  • I am so happy to hear I'm not alone as well. Lol my LO does the same thing. I keep thinking he has to be starving, but he seems fine with only eating a couple minutes each time in the evenings sometimes. He looks around at everything and any voice. It is really cute though. He gets a drink, pops off, smiles and looks around then back at it again. Silly boy!
  • hnullhnull member
    Thanks ladies! She's been such a crabby girl love last few days- so unlike her. She BF at 10pm and 1am, 330am and 5am then would not eat until now (1130am) I even tried formula because I was desperate and tried BF but she just screamed. She was starving but would not eat. Finally got her to eat 4 while minutes. I'm just so confused why this is happening. No fever.  
  • Our littles are just about to start leap 4 which might also be contributing. We've had a very similar experience lately as well! 
  • hnullhnull member
    @srecupido glad to hear I'm not the only one experiencing this. It's so strange! 
  • @mwmiller4 my LO is the same! EVERYTHING distracts him. When he hears daddy, dog, tv, birds lol anything he unlatches looks around smile and giggle talk about annoying. 

    OP if he starts fussing I take him off and go back like 5 min or so later once he has calmed down and is showing signs of still being hungry. 
  • My LO pulls off like that when she's gassy or needs to burp. She'll nurse, pull of, get frantic to latch again, nurse, pull off, etc. 

    As for frequency, she nurses around every 2 hrs during the day, but has one 4-5hr stretch a night (then goes back to sleep for 1-2hrs). 



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  • My LO eats every 2-3 hours during the day and then has a 5-7 hour stretch at night followed by a 1-3 hour stretch before getting up for the day. She's only fussy when she needs to burp or spit up like PP said. She will twist and pull off the nipple repeatedly during those times but make a little squeal like she wants to keep eating when I raise her up to burp her. I pat her for a few then continue feeding. She's always had a high interest in food and it's pretty easy to tell when she's hungry. She shoves her fists in her mouth and makes this dramatic huffing noise like she is trying to latch onto a nipple (or a giant burger lol)
  • hnullhnull member
    @middy411 thanks for the into very helpful!(: when my daughter pulls off or gets fussy while feeding i burp her as well, but then she typically won't latch back on and doesn't want to eat! She's been fussing before even latching just screams while i try. 
  • My little guy has *never* unlatched himself. (OK, maybe once or twice...but it's a rare thing indeed.) Seriously - he'd be content to just hang out on my chest all day with my nipple in his mouth. I always have to unlatch him once it looks like he's had enough. I can tell he's satisfied when he slows down and does those flutter sucks. He's usually either asleep or happy and smiling by the time I unlatch him, and if not - I just offer him the boob again.

    He eats as often as he wants to during the day. Usually that's every 1-2 hours. If it gets to 3+, I go ahead and offer him the boob. We get a 4-6 hour stretch at night, after which he's back to every 2ish hours. Nursing sessions are usually around 5-15 minutes. They're longer during the day when he's more awake, and short and efficient at night when he apparently just wants to get back to bed.

  • My lil man does this at night before I put him to bed. Sometimes, I'm not sure if he's eaten enough but his feedings are more efficient now. He's teething, that's all. He chews on his hands, slobbers on everything but it doesn't affect his nursing til the evening. One teething tablet, barely 1 mL of gripe water and if that doesn't calm him down, I try to feed him as much as I can, then pass him to my hubby to rock him to sleep.
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