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  • @phoenix870509  my eyes changed with both my pregnancies. Ophthalmologist said they would probably go back after I had baby but neither time they did. My prescription just keeps worsening. And I have less tolerance for lenses in pregnancy, the contacts start to feel itchy after about 8 hours as opposed to 16.  I still wear them to work but I have been doing glasses more on the weekends.  
    Your feet might grow too. 
  • Any mamas out there wear contacts? I used to wear mine every day, but since I work from home now I usually only wear contacts when I have to go out or on weekends. I read your eyes change during pregnancy and might affect contact wearing. Anyone experience this?
    I do! I have been wondering this, too! I'm up for a new RX like yesterday and I'm hesitant to go in because I think my eyesight has definitely become noticeably worse in the last month, but I'm not sure the blur will last. I wear glasses now and I feel like they haven't been as clear. I'm going to go in tho and see what the eye doc says about it. 

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  • @phoenix870509 @SaraRose83 @zubenescamali if you ladies get a new prescription you can get decent glasses for under $100 without using your insurance for the glasses from Zenni Optical. Com H has 4 pairs and all together they were $120 after we did whatever was needed to get his RX.

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