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Sunday Ticker Change 5.29.2016

How many weeks?

What size is baby?

Upcoming appointments?



GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend?

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Re: Sunday Ticker Change 5.29.2016

  • How many weeks? 18

    What size is baby? Sweet potato, or A tall, decaf, non-fat, Frappucino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

    Upcoming appointments? Anatomy scan at 20w5d, I can't wait!!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm finally feeling baby move pretty much everyday!! It's an awesome feeling. I can usually feel little movements at night when I get in bed and it gives me reassurance that he's okay. 

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? Oh man. This past week I have been craving bad stuff... mostly potato chips and gummy bears. I've been trying to eat as healthy as possible the majority of the time, but I did indulge a little bit.

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? We live in DC, so I guess our plan is trying to avoid the tourist crowds as much as possible and go to our favorite local spots? The Rolling Thunder is here in full force, and it can get pretty loud hearing them all over the place. We also have been slowly going through a huge cleaning of our apartment now that I'm finally feeling better, so I'm guessing we'll do a little more of that today and tomorrow.

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  • PiperellaPiperella
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    How many weeks? 22 weeks

    What size is baby? Coconut, Ear of Corn, American Guinea Pig, Water Bottle (all these things are sooo different in sizes)

    Upcoming appointments?  Nothing until June 16th - high risk related U/S and 24w checkup 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Like @pupatella, I'm able to say I really feel Bojangles.  The past few days I've been tracking when I feel him, and it is CRAZY.  He starts about mid-morning, then sleeps, then right after lunch, then sleeps, then 4:30-5:00 he starts back up for about 3-4 hours and starts again around 11:30-12ish.  He ha a schedule.  The rolls and kicks are really feeling crazy now.  I love knowing that it is Bojangles and not gas anymore. I have a posterior placenta and am plus size for those reading and wanting to know.

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions?  Still lots of food aversions.  I go back and forth between sweet and salty.  I have no weird cravings, though.

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? Nope.  DH worked Friday and Sunday this weekend.  I did buy a dogwood and cherry blossom tree that we will plant in the rain sometime tomorrow.

    @Pupatella - I hope you don't mind me nominating you for the Sunday thread.  I had seen you post this fairly reliably, so I hope that is okay.  Just know there are a few of us that will your back up if  you ever need it.
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    Mr. Bojangles due 10/02/2016!  Induced 9/28/16 & arrived on 9/30/16!
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    Twins due 8/15/2018 (but most likely sooner due to two)
  • How many weeks? 22
    What size is baby? Corn on the cob, a water bottle, Guinea pig
    Upcoming appointments? Fetal echocardiogram this week
    Had my first prenatal massage yesterday and it was glorious!
    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? RLP, shortness of breath, peeing so often, heat intolerance, sore feet. Craving mostly Indian food and desserts. Chicken aversion still strong 
    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? Visiting family, maybe getting some sun and cleaning the guest room/deciding on nursery furniture tomorrow?
  • suzy311suzy311
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    How many weeks? 18

    What size is baby? croissant, sweet potato

    Upcoming appointments? Anatomy scan coming up in two weeks! I can't wait!

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Trying not to freak out too much since I haven't really felt baby moving yet - I've had a few moments of "is this a kick or just gas?" but nothing definite. I've been using my doppler a few times per week just for reassurance.

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? Nothing new really. My ice cream cravings have been crazy lately but that may have more to do with the warm weather!

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? Going to a BBQ today with some friends that I'm pretty excited about. Also started doing some registry stuff yesterday which was fun. Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend!
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  • Piperella said:

    @Pupatella - I hope you don't mind me nominating you for the Sunday thread.  I had seen you post this fairly reliably, so I hope that is okay.  Just know there are a few of us that will your back up if  you ever need it.
    Don't mind at all!! I was actually quite touched. :) I'm up pretty early on Sunday's so it works out great.

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  • wegme27wegme27
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    How many weeks?
    What size is baby?
    Mango/game boy 
    Upcoming appointments?
    June 6&7 ultrasounds 
    Just tired of being so moody. I feel bad for anyone around me lol
    Moodiness, sciatica pain, craving sweets and having a lot of adversions lately. Hard to find something I actually feel like I can eat. 
    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend?
    we had our annual cookout yesterday. Rest of the weekend we are relaxing. 

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  • KaessiKaessi
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    How many weeks?
    What size is baby?

    Upcoming appointments?
    Level 2 scan June 14


    Have been all about the fruit this week!

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? 
    We have an annual memorial trip every year to the Guadalupe River in South Texas. We rent a house with 18 other people, float the river, eat & just relax. It's a blast! 

  • How many weeks? 20 weeks! Halfway done!

    What size is baby? Banana or paper airplane

    Upcoming appointments? Anatomy scan on 6/5. It seems so far away. 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? I'm hungry all the time! I'm also exhausted. I feel like I need to get stuff done but my bed is so comfortable!

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? I want to eat everything. Especially cheese and carbs. It's killing me. 

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? We're going to take the boys to a park and spend as much time at the pool as humanly possible. 

    @Pupatella ;We live near DC too. We were thinking of taking the boys to watch the Rolling Thunder drive by but thought better of it. I can't stand the crowds!
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  • Super late to the party, but still wanted to participate!

    How many weeks? 20

    What size is baby? banana

    Upcoming appointments? just my monthly appt this upcoming Fri.

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Nope. Even with another AP, I'm feeling this baby quite a bit which is fun.

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? I've let myself go too much with the eating, I think. I'm in a wedding in July, and while I know I'll look pregnant, I'm carrying a lot of extra weight on my hips/thighs and just feel crappy about myself. Gonna try to start eating a bit better going forward. No real cravings/aversions at this point though.

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend?  Well we had a super busy but awesome weekend. Friday I took off work since DD's daycare was closed and we went to a cute local farm/park. Saturday our family drove to Columbus, OH and did the water park there. Sunday we did the Columbus zoo and drove home, then yesterday we went to an amusement park near our house. So busy but a great time!

  • emt87emt87
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    I am also super late, but still wanted to participate. 

    How many weeks? 18 

    What size is baby? artichoke/tall Frappuccino with whipped cream and caramel drizzle

    Upcoming appointments? Anatomy scan in 2 weeks!

    Rants/Raves/Questions?  I have been super hormonal the past few days, and am either crying or angry most of the time. I feel bad for DH, but he has been super sweet about it. 

    Symptoms/Cravings/Aversions? nothing really right now, but still eating a ton of tomatoes

    GTKY: Any plans for Memorial Day/this weekend? We drove from Georgia to Indiana to see some of my husbands family over the weekend. I had to work on Friday and we weren't able to leave until around 1:30, so what is normally a 9 hour drive took 12 due to traffic and extra stops. The drive home on Monday was better, but I will not be making any more trips like that until long after this baby is born! 
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