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  • @atcwag you're correct, sadly those who need the most guidance are the most reluctant to accept it...
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  • AH! I forgot about this! Now I'm off to re-watch all of the Letterkenny Problems videos again.
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  • @DunkinDecaf I work with that guys sister ;) ...also, if you have access to CraveTV (not sure if you can get it in the US) they made six full length episodes!
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  • @DunkinDecaf I work with that guys sister ;) ...also, if you have access to CraveTV (not sure if you can get it in the US) they made six full length episodes!
    That's so cool!! My husband is going to flip when I tell him. I don't think we have CraveTV in the US, but maybe if I scour the internet I can find them.
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  • Since this is a discussion board, for those who were curious, the right docs make it easier. Apparently our specialists team has a Zika doc, and they're getting the ball rolling for us. We would have tried harder if they said no because that's how we feel about this. Sure, it's a slim chance - but they didn't know Ebola would remain in eyes for months afterwards, and just back in February they found Zika in saliva and advised pregnant women against kissing in Brazil. Heck, some blamed it on pesticides even. DH threw up and had headaches - is that a viral symptom? Or a fluke? Regardless of how much support that Dallas nurse got for Ebola, we are not interested in taking this particular slim chance. Of course you got to pick your battles in life, and I'm not perfect in being cautious about everything, but my neurobiology hubby feels importantly on this and other baby issues, and what's important to him is important to me too. That's how we feel, if you gals don't, that's fine, to each their own as I said before. What I find amazing about parenting? There's more than one way. Helicopter parenting or not, whatever rocks your boat. I don't need to be right or perfect, but I want to be happy. What makes DH and me happy are having the right specialist team and having found the perfect private school for our baby and any future babies. 
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    This thread is hilarious. I have about 8 mosquito bites them near Ottowa. Would be pissed if a bloody Braziliam mosquito made it that far. Trying not to scratch. Im quite a mosquito magnet actually. Its the blue eyes. I lived in Brazil for 5 years up until this past one and i dont think a week went by without getting a bite, even in the city. Was a little paranoid actually of dengue but meh. What can you do? Dengue is pretty type causes you to internally bleed to death. The mosquitos that carry dengue are the same ones that carry if zika comes to the states whats stopping the dengue!!! My SIL is currently pregnant, in Sao Paulo. My MIL has a little farm-the primary wildlife they seem to raise there aside from stray dogs are mosquitos and black flies that draw blood. These brazilian mosquitos are different than ours...they are very painful. They pulse and sting. You dont want brazilian mosquitos in your neighborhood. Luckily they arent here! Woo! Anyway, my SIL has had many bites. She doesnt get tested after each bite. She does regular prenatal care and if she shows symptoms of anything they would probably test. I suppose this is because she lives in the south of the country and the epidemic is in the north. But im curious knottie, the next bite you get will you go back to be tested again? And your husband's next bite? You cant expect to go the whole summer without at least one more bite, and if you do give me the secrect! And good for you that your clinic has a back door into the CDC! That's some pretty good luck! 
  • What's a Zika doc? Is that a special certification? Can I be a Zika nurse? That would sound cool.

    Not buying it.

    Stuck in box

    Yea me either. I call BS. Like I said before no sane doc would test this with the already limited resources we have unless you straight up lied. Florida governor declared a state of emergency for this JUST so they could get the funding to test this shit. It's not cheap 
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  • @NavyBride93 I'd have to find the article but a while back when this whole thing started he preemptively did a medical state of emergency to get funding since there are a lot of people in S. Fl who do a lot of traveling to those regions supposedly. As for the Nile crocs, I hear that's another story that's been sensationalized by the media and it's not as bad as it seems. Still freaky though. 
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    @mrszoess so does your contribution to this thread make you a snob now too or? 
  • @TinyAlligator haha Yeah that was kinda a joke too. I'm in north Florida and there have only been three nile crocs discovered in south FL so I'm not actually concerned. 
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  • I'm sorry I'm just trying to find out the reason you stalked posts over a week old on a bmb that isn't yours to screen shot them...

    creeps  <3

    also not sure the relevance. making an elitest private group and excluding half the bmb is pretty snobby...
  • wow. I will gladly go back to October. God speed to the lurkers who can't join the private group  ;)
  • mrszoess said:
    wow. I will gladly go back to October. God speed to the lurkers who can't join the private group  ;)

  • Can we get back to the zombie apocalypse in progress? I have a paper cut I need an MRI for and I'd love Knottie's husband to weigh in on it.

    'Cus like, internet WebMD right here.
    I need to figure out where I'm going to live until December... Zika threats and all.
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