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For all the meditators TTCAL...

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I love that there is actually proven science behind mindfulness and meditation and I'm trying to get myself back into the habit of daily meditations. I also read something that kind of resonated with me recently; it was basically saying that it could be helpful to deprogram or let go of some of the thoughts and beliefs you may be holding onto after a loss/mc and to move towards trusting and believing that your body is a beautiful and fabulous home for which to conceive and carry your pregnancy/baby. I know it sounds super obvious, but I also know how our minds can be, or at least how my mind can be, and I thought focusing on more positive thoughts surrounding my reproductive system and body definitely couldn't hurt!

I found some fertility meditations on YouTube yesterday and tried one that I quite liked.

I also checked out and tried their free fertility meditation and quite liked might just want to skip the first four minutes that are an advertisement for their 28 day program. But I also wanted to say that some of you who like to meditate might actually be interested in their 28 day program that's tailored specifically to what our bodies go through every month while TTC, and was wondering if anyone has actually tried it?? It's not a purchase I'm ready to make but I'm definitely intrigued by it!

For those of you who meditate, have you tried any fertility meditations? Do you have any favorite meditation apps (don't have to be fertility related, obviously)? I'm always looking for new meditation apps or programs so would love to know some favorites :) 

**I'm hoping none of this was offensive or inappropriate to post!**
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Re: For all the meditators TTCAL...

  • I'm gonna try this out and see if it's worth pursuing for myself. So, thank you!!
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  • @rainbowturtles I listened to the Beat Infertility  podcast that had the founder of the Circle Bloom website on. It was very interesting. I haven't had a chance to check out her website but I try to practice visualization and mindfulness as much as I can. I find it especially helpful during accupuncture. Thanks for bringing this subject up :)
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  • Thanks @rainbowturtles! I have perused the Circle Bloom site a few times, and I have been meaning to use some of their meditations. I have also enjoyed the audio on Vibration Child, they also have some meditations for fertility. 
  • Hmm. I will have to look into this. I totally believe in this sort of thing. I'm also a huge advocate of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. 
  • I forgot to mention also that Circle Bloom has separate programs for natural conception and IVF and IUI conception, so I thought that was really cool!

     (I also would consider the healthy pregnancy program to help with lowering stress for PGAL when we get there <3)

    And lastly I wanted to add that some of my favorite meditation apps are Andrew Johnson. I have several of his that I use to help me sleep when DH is away but I prefer body scans or these fertility meditations during the day.

  • chloe97chloe97
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    I'm not so great a meditating yet, but Ive always been a believer in the law of attraction. Sometimes I wonder if I attracted my second loss because I was such a anxious mess recovering from my first loss. I'm definitely going to look into some of these visualizing exercises when we start getting ready to TTC again. It definitely can't hurt.
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  • I have been working on trying to do daily positive affirmations for this FW, and I just did this circle and bloom session. I enjoyed it quite I bit and feel immensely more relaxed than prior. I am going to try and work this into my morning reflection time. It's a bit long for every day but worth the 25 minutes. They seemed to pass very quickly 
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  • @SnobunnieMel if you want a shorter one for some days try searching "fertility meditation" in YouTube. There are a bunch of differing lengths and I quite liked the one I tried there, too. But the 25min one is definitely a good one when you have the time :)

  • Klee_NCKlee_NC
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    I've always been terrible at all meditations. Even the guided ones. I get hung up on how people speak, or how "spiritual" they are trying to sound. 

    For me, the Yoga Studio app has peaceful sounds and she has a soft voice so doing the bedtime flow or something like that helps me "feel" my body, my muscles, and it helps me clear my head. 

    Since getting pregnant and being so sick I stopped running and stopped doing yoga. Then with my loss I have had intense anxiety my head is cloudy. Once I stop bleeding so much I'm going to resume my trail runs (about 3 times a week) and yoga 3x a week - even if it's just bedtime yoga. I ABSOLUTLEY believe that your mind can control your body. I'm happier & healthier when I meditate by spending time in the woods running (or walking) and doing yoga. That's my meditation, just clearing my mind and letting go of the negativity, worry, fear and other things that are running me right now. 
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    @chloe97 ;
    Please be kind to yourself! I am also a big believer in the law of attraction, and I am sending you positive thoughts.  

  • chloe97 said:
    I'm not so great a meditating yet, but Ive always been a believer in the law of attraction. Sometimes I wonder if I attracted my second loss because I was such a anxious mess recovering from my first loss. I'm definitely going to look into some of these visualizing exercises when we start getting ready to TTC again. It definitely can't hurt.
    This. So this. I was convinced my last loss was doomed from the start and everyone around me was so optimistic :-/ 
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