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Period after miscarriage

For those who don't get their period regularly (PCOS, ha, etc) did you get a period after your miscarriage? My doctor said sometimes people do from hcg falling to negative but I am skeptical and imagine I'll have to induce.

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  • AF has always been out of wack for me. I had a d&c on 4/2 and still no period... Tomorrow will be 60 days, which is infuriating. I have another follow up with my ob on the 9th and I'm totally expecting a stint of provera. So to answer your question, at least for me, I did not get a period. 
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    I get regular periods, however it took 6 weeks for me to get a period after my latest miscarriage. With a previous miscarriage, I went period free for 8 weeks when Doctor decided to induce it. 
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  • I period vary 27 days to 33 days. I got my period 28 days after my d&c. It was much heavier the first two days than usual. 
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