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Buying a ton of diapers

So I've seen a lot of discussion on the brands of diapers and it seems like everyone says that it'll just depend on your baby. This would make me think it's pointless to stock up on more than a bag of any one brand because I wouldn't want to waste a box or suffer through it with leaky diapers. What are the thoughts from STMs on buying large quantities to prepare before baby is born?

Re: Buying a ton of diapers

  • I'd suggest just buying a couple packs of newborn size and a couple of size 1 and keep receipts so you can return them just in case. If you're worried about spending a ton of money on diapers after they get here maybe just stock up on target or other store gift cards and then buy diapers as needed? 
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  • I suggest buy a gift card instead of diapers. Then once you have an idea of what brand you want you'll have the money set aside and over than having to go to the store you won't have to stress so much. 
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  • leighryleighry member
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    As a fourth time mom I already know what brand I use.. I use pampers for the first month or so, then switch to Target. I usually don't buy any diapers until baby is here. Then I have my husband make a trip when I'm in the hospital. My first was in newborn diapers forever because she was so small. My 2nd was in newborn diapers for 3 days.. you never know. I try not to spend a ton of money on diapers before hand so I don't have to return too many boxes. With my first though.. I had bought 2 boxes of newborn and 2 boxes of size 1 pampers.

    @greencows4812 the gift card thing sounds like a smart idea!
  • My daughter left the hospital already in size 1. Also the hospital will give you some diapers. This time I'm not buying any newborns except maybe a sample pack. We tried a few different types and I felt they were all fine but my husband liked the swaddlers so we stuck with those. 

    I didn't stock up before my first simply because we didn't have the space. I knew I was going to do Amazon mom. When I looked at coupons and calculated the price per diaper, amazon mom's 20% discount was about the same cost. Plus no tax. Plus delivered. Done and done.  
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  • It's pointless.  Buy one or two small packs of different brands and see which you like the best.
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  • Diapers are one of those things that I don't really understand how they vary from baby to baby, but then again I only have one baby so far and he has always fit in every diaper and we don't prefer one brand over another; any will do. 

    That said, the sizes are where it gets tricky, since you don't know how big your baby will be at birth.  My LO was in NB size for a week or two and then in size 1 for another month after that before moving on to size 2.  I know a lot of moms whose babies never wore NB.  I would suggest using the NB diapers you get from your hospital (plus the ones they send you home with) and having some size 1's waiting for you at home.  You'll know by that point if you need to go out and buy more NB's or just stick with size 1.  Hopefully that makes sense!
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    It sounds like I'm the minority here, but I absolutely stock up on diapers. My son is 2.5 and recently moved to size 5 diapers. We've never run out or paid even close to full price for diapers. There are some I preferred over others, but we didn't have any true issues with any. My "stock up" price is when I can get them for less than .13/diaper which is actually quite frequently. I'm already completely stocked up in size 2 for this baby and about 1/2way there for sizes 1&3. 
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  • Personally I wouldn't recommend stalking up but then again we had major leakage issues with my son. We tried every diaper under the sun and ended up donating multiple packs of diapers to friends when I found that they didn't work after trying a few from the box. I think it's too risky to stock up as you might not be able to use what you buy. Also you don't know how long they'll be in each size. 
  • Mine wore NB diapers for at least 6 weeks.  Some babies are small and some babies are big.  You just don't know until they get here.  We didn't like Huggies bc the leg hole was too wide and they leaked.  SO if you have a babe with thick thighs you might like those better than Pampers.  I would suggest the gift cards and so many places deliver right to your door.

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  • MeetherMeether member
    I like seventh generation and pampers swaddlers sensitive. I may be partial because my second daughter could only wear those without getting a rash. My first daughter could wear poop and not get a rash, but the second one for some reason had some sensitivity to many brands. I am buying diapers if they are on clearance and are 7th generation or Pampers swaddlers sensitive. Otherwise, I will order online from the hospital or once I am 36 weeks or so.

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  • My BFF is a couponer and slowly stocked up a ton beforehand, receive lots as shower presents, and then didn't buy diapers for over a year and a half! She just returned unused packs as baby outgrew certain sizes, and I guess her baby (a little girl) did fine in many different brands. I'm not good at finding deals by any means so with each of mine (a girl then a boy), I've just bought as I go. I preferred pampers swaddlers for both, but was able to use other brands I received as gifts just fine.
  • I loved pampers until we tried Sam's club diapers. He wears Huggies at grandma's but otherwise Sam's club. If you really want to stock up buy a few packs of newborn, size 1, and size 2, and a ton of size 3. Once they hit like 8-9 months their growing slows down. My son is a pretty thin baby though with narrow hips. All of his chunkiness is in his belly.
  • @aquasocks is Amazon mom something you have to sign up for? Or is it the same as prime? I was just going to get a subscription for diapers. Is that the same thing? No clue what I'm doing over here... 
  • If you do decide to stock up, don't open any of the newborn until after the baby is born.  We wanted to have everything ready to go with my first, so we opened a package and had it set up for the changing table. Well, newborns were too small for him (9+lbs), and we struggled to find someone to give the open package to (since I had very few mom friends at the time.)  I'd wait to see what you get as gifts, as you will likely get enough for the first few weeks.  

    Also keep in mind, just because they do really well in one brand, doesn't mean it will work for them in all sizes.  We really struggled to find a diaper that would work for my third at like 7-8 months (tons of blowouts), and I ended up buying several packages, to find that only seventh generation seemed to work, until he grew into a size 4 and suddenly pampers and target were fine again.  

    I have found that our local pregnancy center will take open packages of diapers, so if something isn't working you can donate there.  
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