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Sensitive topic discussion - warning

Hi all, 

I'd like to discuss a possibly sensitive topic. I understand that this is something that certain people find offensive, dirty, whatever. For the record, I do not feel that way because our bodies are not dirty. Also, I am going to use adult words for body parts.

The subject is babies touching their penises or vaginas. Before I go any further, the only people who change or bathe my daughter are myself and my MiL. No one is abusing her. However,last week at changings, she began reaching for her labia and sort of feeling or lightly scratching. If this is happening with your LO, are you pushing their hands away and saying no or are you not making a big deal of it? 

Re: Sensitive topic discussion - warning

  • KFrobKFrob member
    I recently read that around four or five months it's perfectly normal during diaper changes. I agree with everything PP has said on how I plan on handling it. 
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  • Becky012016Becky012016 member
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    I only say "no" and block his hands if I haven't cleaned all the poop away yet. Otherwise it's completely normal for babies to discover their body parts. 

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  • kaym6 said:
    I don't plan on doing anything special when my son discovers his penis. I consider this totally normal and fully expect him to inspect and explore it just as he has done all his other body parts such as his hands and feet especially as a baby. In my opinion it's perfectly natural. If he does this when he's old enough to understand I most likely will explain to him that's perfectly fine but something to be done in private such as his room. I haven't really thought that far yet and plan to just see what happens lol this of course is just my opinion but in my eyes this is a completely natural thing :) everyone will do what's right for them I'm sure! 
  • I have a 7 year old boy and 3 year old boy. Let them explore, it's natural.  7 year old knows now that he can have privacy in the bathroom and who knows what he does in there...lol but when he got older just talked to him about privacy and time and place for things and that he's old enough to wash his private areas and no one should touch him or ask to see anything other than like the dr at an appt when mommy or daddy are with him. I'm sure my daughter will start exploring soon and I plan on doing the same thing with her ... it will be normal at diaper changes and bath. When she goes older just teach her the same as my boys ... ok at home not ok at school/church/store. 
  • SBH041815 said:
    ...not the grocery store or aunt Linda's wedding. 
    I may have just spewed coffee across my kitchen table. Lol

    Baby girl is touching herself during diaper changes and baths. She is too young to understand the word "no," and it's all part of development. No big deal. My son, 17 months, is still quite obsessed with his Penns, but totally forgets its existence once his diaper is on...
  • Like previous posters I agree it's normal and natural and will have the "appropriate places" conversation when they are older. My only issue at the moment with my son and his penis is he grabs very hard and yanks  :s my husband and I screamed together the first time he did this during bath as it looked very painful! So now I've been trying to catch him before he does it, redirect him gently, or if he's not making a move to yank I just say "gentle". Don't want him to think it's not ok to touch his penis, just don't want him to hurt himself while his motor skills are still undeveloped!!
  • l4rkl4rk member
    My daughter often holds onto her labia during naked time. I just let it happen. I remember my mom telling me when I was a kid that it's okay to touch my genitals in private as long as I wash my hands after; I think I will probably end up trying a similar approach when she's old enough to understand. For now, explore away, little one!  I've noticed now that she can reach her toes, she's much more interested in those.
  • SBH041815SBH041815 member
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    @BarrettJ89 haha! Yup...it's funny (and slightly embarrassing) stuff  ;) Turn around and a kiddo has a hand down their pants. Noop! Not happening! 

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  • LO will put his hands down there, I push his hands away because I'm in the middle of trying to put his diaper back on when he decides to explore. But when he's older I'll explain to him everything and there is a time/place for that and public is not one of them. 
  • My baby hasn't discovered that area. She's too busy sucking & biting on her hands and blowing spit everywhere. She has found her toes though. 
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