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Falls asleep on side but wakes up on back

Anyone having issues with sleeping on your side? Almost 16w and DH has been trying to remind me not to sleep on my back but i naturally end up there when i wake up. I tried sleeping in a valley of pillows but then my arm gets so sore in the morning. 

Re: Falls asleep on side but wakes up on back

  • I start on my side and wake up on my back every morning. 17 w here. I dont have any pain or dizzy from it, and not sure if theres anything you can actually do. I had asked my mom about it and she just said eventually it will become uncomfortable to be on my back and ill stop. Guess baby isnt big enough yet to cause discomfort? By 20 weeks ill try harder to stop...if i dont ill just go to sleep sitting at 45 degrees rather than flat :/ sounds fun...
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  • This is me every night! 
  • lrg14lrg14 member
    I'm not even trying yet. Sleeping on my back is still the most comfortable. 
  • danjolydanjoly member
    belive me when it will become a "problem" sleeping on your back. (Mostly risking of making you dizzy) you won't roll accidentally in your sleep! 
    I asked my OB early on and he said until de baby is 2-3lbs it's really not a problem, and even then it's more about the mom comfort than a risk for you or the baby. 
    You'll probably laugh at this when your husband have to roll you out of bed :)
    good luck !
  • MollySmMollySm member
    Yes, I've also always read that if it's not uncomfortable for you, then it hasn't hit the point of being a problem.  I sleep however I am comfortable.  
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  • I keep waking up on my stomach which probably isn't great either ugh 
  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    I'm a back sleeper too and I asked about this last time around. My midwives told me that it was fine until I'm not comfortable, and when I wasn't comfortable I would naturally rouse and change positions. They were right -- starting around 20ish weeks I wasn't comfortable on my back and ended up shifting from side to side.
  • I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • Even if you are fast asleep and don't realize you have rolled onto your back, your body will know if there is an issue and you will wake, trust me.  This happened to me all the time during my first pregnancy.  I never woke feeling dizzy or anything; it was more just a quick burst of consciousness like "oh, I'm on my back," then I'd roll back onto my side and fall back asleep. Until that starts to happen, just sleep however you are comfortable.
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  • You will become a side sleeper when your body needs you to be.  Everything else is so uncomfortable.  You may have to try all sorts of pillow arrangements and I actually had to get a new mattress topper because it hurt my hips to sleep on my side.

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  • It hurts my hips to sit :( 
  • I've got the opposite problem... I'm a stomach sleeper. I'm already to a point where it hurts to lay on my stomach but as PPs said, your body will tell you what's a problem.
  • Don't worry. I'm still sleeping on my stomach. I usually wake up when it becomes uncomfortable. It'll be the same for you. 
  • Jessieb63Jessieb63 member
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    Hey, my doc told me that the whole sleeping on your sides thing is outdated info.  U do have the vena cava running down your middle but also blood supplies on your right and left running to ur uterus!  So no matter where u lay your gonna squish one blood supply.  Also, no matter what side u sleep u have 2 other blood supplies flowing!  
    About 90% of what I find in the Internet or from friends and relatives my doctors say is bogus or outdated.  Call ur doctors office with these questions so ur not stressing out!  
    Enjoy sleeping normally!  :)
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