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Cool pregnancy graphic link

So, we all see the pics and videos of how baby is developing, but I love this interactive because it shows how YOUR body changes throughout pregnancy. Show it to your SO for some extra sympathy. Pay close attention to the bladder and the stomach!
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Re: Cool pregnancy graphic link

  • That is really cool!
  • Woah! Love it! 
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  • Love this!  It's amazing to see how much the other internal organs have to adjust in order to accommodate a growing baby.  The body is amazing.
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  • I love this graphic so much!! I found it when i was pregnant with my first child and would check it every week....and I've been doing the same this time around. Its a great visual.
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  • loko08loko08 member
    Thanks for sharing! This makes so much sense. I love it.
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  • That's awesome! Also amazing what our bodies really go through...
  • I just wish I showed the feet swelling lol
    Awesome Kid #1: Born September 2013!
    Awesome Kid #2: Due November 2016!
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  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    I like that one! Don't think I've seen it before either.
  • CecilTheBearCecilTheBear member
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    I watched this yesterday before bed and I think it gave me nightmares. In my dream, all my body parts were in weird places - like I had a giant ear on my stomach and a hand on my back. And I kept trying to find someone who would help me and my doctors were just like "Yup, that's pregnancy! Things just move around. La dee da." 

    Clearly I have some unresolved issues with the changes to my body right now.
  • That put so much in perspective - how awesome! And thanks for sharing it!
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