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Anyone start using a jumperoo yet?

My daughter will be 19 weeks Saturday. I don't even have a jumperoo/exasaucer yet. I was just looking into buying one. Anyone start using one for their LO yet? 

Re: Anyone start using a jumperoo yet?

  • I bought one a few weeks ago. My son turned 5  months today and he loves it. He loves standing up and I think it's really helped developed more skills 
  • nackienackie member
    We put ours together a week ago, but DS is just a tiny bit too short still.  He was fascinated by it for the two minutes he was in it though.
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  • MamaHollandMamaHolland member
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    My daughter loves to jump once she consistently started jumping on my lap I introduced the Jumperoo. She could support her own head by that time. She's been jumping since 14 weeks. 

    Today she realized that the seat can rotate so she started turning it 360 degrees to see all the different toys. She didn't complete the full turn but almost. 
  • 20 weeks here and we just bought the Exersaucer Triple Fun World Explorer (soo many pieces so I haven't put it together yet).  BRU had an older model on sale for $80 instead of $130 (online for store pickup), but no stores actually had it available and it looked completely identical to the current model (only it had a different BRU code) so I went into the store and said that I thought they had made a mistake and wanted the lower price unless they could explain the difference.  They couldn't so I saved $50!  
  • DD is 16 weeks and we have a fisher price bouncer. She doesn't do a lot of bouncing in it, but loves examining the toys.
  • At 18 weeks we started putting LO in his jumperoo and he absolutely loves it! He likes to be able to look around and jump. He has never been particularly fond of tummy time, so this is working really well on developing his head and neck muscles.
  • livinslivins member
    My LO loves hers. She's been in it for about a month now. She'll be 19 weeks on Saturday. She loves the noises and to jump. She is a peanut and can't touch so we put a pillow under her feet. 
  • My LO (20 weeks already!) loves her exersaucers but hasn't started jumping yet. She does spin a bit to see the different toys. We also have a jumper that fits over a door frame and she enjoys hanging out in that and spinning/swaying. 
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  • Our DD is 19.5 weeks and we just got one, my DH put it together yesterday. She immediately had this amazed look when we put her in it and started touching everything. She's a little thing so it'll probably be a little longer before she gets the hang of bouncing.
  • Thanks you guys! I ordered one this morning from Amazon and it'll be here tomorrow. Can't wait to put her in it! 
  • kimber308kimber308 member
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    I seem to be in the minority, but we are skipping it. :-X I've heard it's bad for the development of their balance, hips, and legs. I've also heard it delays their ability to stand and walk on their own. Those really aren't the main reasons we are skipping it though - since she is an only child, I don't feel it's necessary. I can hold her and have her do something similar on my lap or the floor. We could buy one and use it sparingly, but it just isn't a necessity right now. Maybe if I have a second child. ;-)

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  • TRA0816TRA0816 member
    nackie said:
    We put ours together a week ago, but DS is just a tiny bit too short still.  He was fascinated by it for the two minutes he was in it though.
    I put a Zumba step under my boy...lol..but a pillow works too
  • Yep we are using one too, DD loves it. Just make sure their feet are flat, no tippey toe jumps.
  • I bought the Finding Nemo one from Babies R Us. Griffin loves it, but hasn't quite figured out how to jump in it. He will move a little bit, but I think he's still uneasy about his balance. When he's in it, he almost looks so focused on making sure he doesn't topple or sway side to side in the seat that he's too busy to do anything else in it, lol.  He does love the toys, sounds and lights it has on it. 
  • My Zara loves hers. She started in it right before 4 months. 
  • MamaHollandMamaHolland member
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    We have the same jumperoo as @BabyArnold2016 & she lights up everytime I go to put her in it. She's obsessed with that blue tree frog & now she's started to spin the others toys. I love the whole fisher price rainforest line. She's so great at reaching & using her hands. Her motor skills & hand eye coordination I really think this fisher price equipment helped that a lot. 
  • @teachmegs817 I know you mentioned before you were getting it! I'm glad your little one likes it too! My babe has figured out the turning around part still yet to master the bouncing either! Haha
  • Nolan loves his. We put him in it around 15 weeks, when his toes juuuust barely touched the ground. He kept his legs pulled up, though, so we limited the time he spent in it. He now puts his toes down to the floor and has figured out how to sway side to side. He still hasn't figured out how to spin the seat, though. Instead he just leans to the side to reach the toys. 

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  • This is the same one I ordered. My little girl loves it! And it keeps her quite for awhile lol 
  • Exersaucers are 25% off at babies r us today!
  • I'm torn. She loves to sit up. Of course she can't on her own yet. I don't know wether to get a walker so she can be mobile or a something she can bounce in
  • l4rkl4rk member
    I'm torn. She loves to sit up. Of course she can't on her own yet. I don't know wether to get a walker so she can be mobile or a something she can bounce in
    Walkers are full on banned in Canada because of all the accidents that have occurred in the past. For that reason, my vote is bounce baby bounce!
  • I'm leaning toward a jumper of some kind. I have visions of her little toes getting run over. We're going shopping tomorrow
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