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FTMs - anyone really showing yet ?


Re: FTMs - anyone really showing yet ?

  • Jessieb63Jessieb63 member
    edited June 2016

    aestabr said:
    I just hit 15 weeks yesterday. I was so sick in the first try I lost 12 pounds, so clothes I haven't fit into in three years finally fit now that I'm pregnant! I have zero bump, but I'm looking forward to it (and maybe finally feeling not so sick?).

    Ugh, me too!  I lost the same amount but bc I wad so skinny my bump has been showing for a long time and no size 0's were comfortably buttoning around that!  Yeah, 0...ugh.  I looked like a boney string bean with a fat bloated belly!  Ah! Lol have u gained any weight back yet? I've gained 6 pounds. Yay! 
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