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4mo. Growth spurt/wonder week

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So LO just turned 4 months on Friday the 20th. He started showing signs of a growth spurt on Sunday. Eating more often, fussier, and slept a lot the days before. But he was much fussier than usual, even for during a growth spurt. Feedings have gone back to normal, but he still is so cranky. He was crying, overtired, and would not take a nap. I mean he's never been a good napper, but it was like WW3 before he would finally pass out. I have to hold him in a very specific way to calm him down and it takes forever for him to fall asleep. 
I know it's not sleep regression cause he's still sleeping thru the night. Just takes a little longer to get him to sleep. Did some Googling, not only is there a 4 month growth spurt, but also a wonder week around this time plus sleep regression. That's sounds like a lot of cranky baby in one month's time! 

Any other moms dealing with this? 

Re: 4mo. Growth spurt/wonder week

  • Yep, we're just getting over it actually. Weeks 17-19 were pretty rough for us. 
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    Definitely going through this now. On top of it, she got her 4 mo shots today. :( before we even went to the appt she was cranky and crabby all morning. Now I got the crazy idea to try to put her in her crib for the night for the first time. She started rolling over pretty consistently now, so it's pretty much time :/ I think I may be asking for a night full of ups and downs. Hopefully it isn't awful, fingers crossed! All I can think, is that this shall pass too. Good luck mama! 
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  • Dealing with it all AND a sick baby. She has a cold. Ahe hasnt let us sleep the last 3 nights. But her naps are also like WW3 even before the cold. It started around 16 weeks for us. And her night time sleeping went to crap. She used to sleep through the night. Not anymore. This regression/wonder week can go to hell. 
  • Oh yeah. DD is 16 weeks but since you use EDD for the Wonder Weeks she's 19 weeks on Sunday. I downloaded the book and their list of symptoms is DD right now. 
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    Yea, sounds normal unfortunately :( our LO was like this during the day AND sleep regression hell at night from week 14 to 18. She has started to improve on both fronts day and night, she's now 19.5 weeks. The symptoms you describe were her too, very fussy at times and needed tons of cuddling and holding and would wake up and cry the second she left my arms during the day or evening when trying to get her to nap or down for the night. She'd wake 2-3, sometimes 4 or 5 times at night hungry each time and would be harder to put down even at night then she had been. She had several days on the weekend where she nursed for what felt like all day. But I can see so much change in her abilities with rolling and babbling constantly, how she plays with toys, and just her general facial expressions this past month so it's got to be rough on them to have their little baby brains going haywire. But boy is it also tough on mama. Hang in there!
  • @cali1710 poor thing! He had a cold last month, not fun at all. Hope she gets better soon! 

    @jodiedrich18 Yes I can definitely see a difference in his playtime. He babbles all the time, even laughed a couple times. When he's on his play mat he grabs toys, shakes them, put them in his mouth. He even rolled onto his tummy!!!
  • My baby turned 4 months on the 21st & this has been on of the easier wonder weeks...... So far.... She's eating more & isn't napping hardly at all, we are talking 2 or 3 naps that are about 15-20 mins each. Her sleeping at night has actually been better though. Instead of waking way up to nurse shes still sleep the whole time. Which has been nice & meant better quality sleep for me. We used to be able to go out more but she's been cranky so we have about an hour out the house then we have to go right back home because she's so fussy. Usually she's a lot more easygoing than that. 
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