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Anyone else have a LO that loves to suck on their forearms? My LO was in his jumper while I cleaned out the fridge, sucking on his forearm as usual. I picked him up and noticed a swollen spot on his arm where he had been sucking. It took me a minute to realize what it was! I had no idea that giving themselves hickeys was in the realm of possibility!!! It's pretty impressive that he has that much suction power though... 

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    Yes!!! My LO has started a self soothing deal when she falls asleep that involves sucking the crook of her arm, like arm bent around mouth and she sucks the inside of her elbow. I haven't noticed a hickey yet though... 
  • My son gave me a hickey on my shoulder/arm just the other day! Haha I think he's part sucker-fish ;) 
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  • Yep mine has started sucking on the back of her hands/forearm. She tried to latch to my chin the other day, lol.
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  • My LO gave me a hickey on my chest a while back!  I was laying in bed and my SO laid her on me and she latched right on! She also sucks on her hands and mine with a lot of power, it's crazy how strong their little suctions are.
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    I had to stop LO from sucking on my neck the other day in fear SO would think I was up to no good...
  • Yes!! LO was in his jumper and sucking on his forearm, giving himself a nice red, swollen spot like yours. DH didn't believe me when I told him LO had done it to himself. Until he saw him do it the next day :smile: 
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    My lo gave me a hickey on my cheek. I was like dh look how cut this is and it only took that long to get a nickle size hickey square in the middle of my cheek. It looked terrible. He's a shop vac.
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