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FTM with planned Csection

Hi ladies, I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. Had my check up yesterday and things are going well. I'm curious in obtaining advice, recommendations, and experiences if you've gone through a planned Csection. This is my first baby and I'm for the most part healthy. I have to have a csection because as a teenager I had ulcerative colitis and then had my 2 part Jpouch surgery. It saved my life and my GI doctors recommended a csection to avoid any possible trauma to my pouch, so I'm all for it. Just trying to prep myself and my husband on what to expect. Thank you in advance!

Re: FTM with planned Csection

  • Im a ftm so cant give any advice from experience-but aside of everything you probably already know about recovery, i'd say the biggest thing is to not feel guilty. This is the best thing for your health and for your baby. One thing we talked about in the last doula class i went to at my center was that you CAN ask to be allowed to have immediate skin to skin when baby is born via c section. Not everyone will let you but some places do, so maybe research that and ask your doctor? They said the more people who start to ask the more it might become the norm.
  • Just saw your username are you in the Seattle area too? I'm a transplant to the area..we live outside Tacoma and love it compared to back East where we used to live. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the advice!
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  • I had an unplanned c section the first time but this time we are going for an RCS. I'm planning on having meals frozen, child/pet care arranged, dog groomed, getting a mani/pedi/haircut a few days before (I did this last time and it was nice to have pretty nails in all the baby holding pics!), house cleaned and housekeeper scheduled for the next few weeks, and lots of shows recorded to watch while nursing! My IV infiltrated after my surgery so I had to switch to oral pain meds. It was not fun at first. I wish I had said something right when it started bothering me so they could have fixed it. I hear the recovery is much easier after a planned CS, so I'm really looking forward to that!!

    Good luck mama!
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  • @cmj02045 no im not in Seattle, i grew up in Seattle and my whole family is there (will be there next week though!!!) Currently live in western NY (been here about a year) it's alright. Not a fan of the winter though. I prefer rain! 
  • With my first baby I had a planned c section at 41 weeks for a few different reasons. I have to say I regret nothing and even if given the option (which I'm not) I would probably would have chosen it again. I was able to have all my out of town family come the night before and we celebrated baby and then the next day we went in midday and everything was calm and quiet. I had skin to skin right after she was born and we started trying to nurse immediately (still on the operating table). As far as recovery, get some night gowns because even pj pants aren't very comfortable unless the band is really up high. Stay on top of the meds - I was in a medicated/sleep deprived fog for at least 3 weeks after. Just more reason to take it easy and bond with baby. I had to take help where ever I could get it. You can't drive while you are on the meds so had to plan for a chauffeur for baby appointments. Those are the top things that stand out in my memory. 
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  • I had an unplanned c-section the first time around, and it honestly was not terrible. I will be having a scheduled CS this time, and I am going to make sure to have meals in place for the first few weeks. Another thing I would suggest is to have your DH take off as much time as possible. Mine only took 4 days off since we were hoping for an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. He ended up needing to be home for 2-3 weeks (mainly because of DD having weight issues and daily Dr. appointments which I couldn't drive to) I know that everyone has different experiences, but my recovery was pretty easy as surgery recovery goes. Take your meds, accept help, and you will be fine. One major plus, hubby changed all of the diapers/brought her to me for feeding at night/did almost everything for the first weeks! It is a great way to get your DH to feel comfortable in his new role as a parent!
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  • I had an unplanned c-section the first time around and had tons of guilt and negative emotions around it.  It took a while to get over it.  For me, I know that it saved my baby's life.  And that's the most important thing.  Keep an open mind, remember that in taking care of yourself you are taking care of your family. 
    My recovery was no big deal.  I heeded the nurses advice to get up and walk right away and I think that helped.  
    A pp mentioned frozen meals is a great idea.  Let people help you.  If they offer help put them to work.  Take out trash, load of laundry, dishes, help with pet care if you need it.  
    My dr has mentioned a VBAC and I've thought long and hard about it.  I'm high risk, I have a muscle disease.  I think that a VBAC would tax my body so much that I wouldn't be able to care for an infant and a 5 yo.  
    Ohhhhh one other thing, if you have a really high bed get some steps.  In and out was tough!  
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  • I had an emergency csection for my second. Having meals prepared is a good idea unless your SO cooks. I had a grabber so I didn't have to bed over for the first few days. I stuck with pj pants for awhile so they didn't hit my incision. My husband helped a lot during night time feedings because sitting up in bed took work. Keep a pillow near by and place it on your stomach as a support, it helps. Also walking is a great tool while healing. I would take LO in his hospital crib thing and we'd walk up and down the halls a couple times a day. I took my meds for a couple days once I got home but hen I moved to Tylenol and was fine. 
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  • I had an uplanned c-section with my first pregnancy.  I took the pain meds each time the nurse came in (I even made sure they knew to wake me up if I was sleeping when they came). I was terrified of feeling the pain of the surgery so I didn't want the meds to wear off.

    I suggest you stock up on the mesh panties that they give you in the hospital. Those were great to keep from my normal panties rubbing the incision.  I also think it helped to get moving as soon as possible but be careful to not overdue it.

    Ask for help when you need it and accept it when it's offered. Don't feel like you have to be superwoman right from the start! Enjoy your time with your LO and everything will work out!
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