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Now that I'm up to my weekly appointments, things are getting "real" :-).  For those of you who have other children (especially young children), what is your plan for them when you go into labor (i.e. where will they go/ who will they stay with?)?  Also, when you pack your hospital bag, are you also planning to pack a sibling bag?  What are you including in that bag?

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  • Our boys will either go to my parents house (live 45 min away) or stay at our house with the IL's, depending on when she is born and if they are in town - they arrive a few days before my due date. I probably won't pack anything for them ahead of time since both my labors have been around 24 hours and I have had plenty of time to do that in early labor. When DS2 was born, I went into labor the day after the IL's arrived, so fortunately never had to pack anything for DS1.

    I am going to bring a "present" for the boys from their sister (not sure if it's kinda silly to say it's "from" her..?) I got them each a Color Wonder stamp thing and some stickers and a book. I'm hoping it will keep them happy and entertained for a bit in the hospital, whenever they come to visit. And maybe they'll like their sister better if it's "from her" haha :wink: 
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  • We will drop them at a friends house, or my SIL will come over, it depends what time and day it all happens. I have a bag packed for them with a change of clothes, PJ, water bottle, snacks, a couple favorite books and small toy. I keep the bag in the car with my hospital bag and the diaper bag for baby. 
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  • NLewis1NLewis1 member
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    We are lucky in that my husbands parents live right down the street from us and have offered to take our almost 2 year old. My parents live across town (a whole 10 minute drive!) and my mom will be with us for the birth. 

    Ive been slowly buying a few new toys for DS to go in a nursing box for him - basically a box he gets only when I'm nursing the baby to keep him occupied. They are mostly puzzle games because he's very mechanically minded and will toy with those the longest! 
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  • Well my parents live next to my house so im planning to leave her with my parents and if they cant well my mother in law will take care of her.  Im planning on doing a bag for her with fresh clothes and some toys. Have to do that this weekend, asap. 
  • I did bring some little gifts and books with me for my two year old. I gave them to him when he came to the hospital. I'm glad I was prepared but honestly he could have cared less. He was more interested in playing with the cordless phone and using the bed as a slide. 

  • My parents are watching DD. I had been thinking that it was excessive to give a gift a gift from the baby to DD but she's been on a kick lately pointing out that mommy bought X for her. Mommy gave Y to her. I'm worried about her being jealous of the baby so maybe that will help.

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  • My IL's live on our property right next to our house. They will just come in and stay with them. Last time we were only in the hospital for 28 hours and if that's the case we will just wait till we come home for the kids to meet him. I'm delivering 2 hours away so it's a long drive for theme for such a short time. 

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  • RMLandyRMLandy member
    We have several friends "on call" for my son depending when we have to go to the hospital. We have a small gift packed to give to my son when he comes to meet the baby. It's from us though because he's five and old enough to figure out the baby obviously didn't get him anything.

    I also have a bag packed with clothes enough to last him one day and one night along with necessary toiletries and a spare booster seat available. He won't be away from home for more than one night.
  • My son will go to my sisters.  I packed a bag for him with a change of clothes, jammies, diapers, wipes, and some toys.  We also did a gift from the new babies with a book about brothers, coloring book, stuffed animal, some treats and a backpack with a leash (only way I can think to get all the babies into daycare).
  • My ILs are going to take our two girls (ages 3 & 6) when I go into labor. If it's the middle of the night, my MIL will come here and stay with them until morning and then they'll go back to their house. I am packing a bag for both of them with: pajamas, clothes (including "Best Big Sis" tees for when they come to the hospital), toothbrushes and toothpaste, hairbrush, and leaving it next to their sleeping bags so they are all set to go.

    I also have gift bags for them to be given at the hospital when they come to meet their brother. I got each of them personalized coloring books with their name and the baby's name, new crayons, a big sister bracelet, stickers, and a small toy. I know it's not necessary, but I wanted to make them feel special, too.

  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
    My girls will go with my parents, and my mom will also be at the hospital with me. 
  • If he can't go with his dad my brother and sister in law are taking my son. Both sets of grandmas want to be there and we have agreed to let them.  I also bought a gift card to give my son from his little brother. (He is 9 so it's better than a toy for him) I am not going to do a bag for him as he will just come to visit. I am also really hoping we won't be stuck in the hospital long! Good luck to you and everyone who is close!!
  • Jgar2u2Jgar2u2 member
    My mom lives next door to us so it is easiest for her to watch them. She will probably stay at our house so they can sleep in their own beds. When baby is born my older 2 will be 5 and 3 1/2. We will have my mom bring the kids so they can be the first to meet the baby. We bought them presents 'from the baby' that we will wrap. Just a couple little things. We did this when my 2nd was born, also.
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