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Question... I'm a FTM and I am not sure the best thing to do when we go swimming. Next week we leave for California to visit the in-laws and we are going to the beach one day. And this summer we plan on going to the indoor pool at our gym. I have 2 swimsuits for her. So do I use a swim diaper? Regular diapers? Or those diaper covers? I just don't want to be unsanitary or gross anyone out. 

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  • Ww used the baby ganics swim diapers when we swam last month at that time they were kind of big but I plan on using them again next month when we go back to the beach (she's now put on some weight hoping they fit better)
  • Swim diaper! Regular diapers will explode all over the pool once they absorb too much water.  Check this out -

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  • Definitely not a regular diaper if she is gonna be in the water, they immediately soak up all the water and balloon up. Disposable swim diapers don't catch pee so that's annoying if baby isn't really going to be in the water much. Holding baby, next thing you know you're covered in pee. The reusable swim diapers were my favorite last summer for DS1. They contain pee/poo and don't soak up water like a regular diaper. I think ours were iplay brand. Got them at target. They have cute prints and we have a solid white that I work out cute diaper covers over. We did have one pottery barn diaper cover that did a good job of keeping the regular diaper underneath dry that we used at the beach some since he was just occasionally splashing in the baby pool. 
  • When my first was an infant I used speedo reusable diapers and they worked great. When she started lesson at 6 months I went to disposables. NEVER use regular diapers in the pool. I have been in the swimming community since I was born and still coach so I can attest to the grossness.
    Also I would recommend a rash guard shirt for baby too. It not only protects them from the sun but helps them stay alittle warmer in the water 
  • @meg+on+the+DL I'm so glad you brought this up! I was just looking up options since we will be going to the lake house for Memorial Day. I saw diaper covers when I was looking. 
  • Thank you all so much! I'm going to go this weekend and get reusable and a cover. Just because it'll be good to have options at the beach and the pool, just depends on where we are. 

    @baya5 Here is the swimsuit I got for her. I know the suggest not using sunscreen until 6 months. So I wanted to keep her protected as much as possible. We are also taking our golf umbrella to have at the beach with us. 

  • @meg+on+the+DL i was looking at that exact one at Target! but the smallest size they had was 9 months so i opted for another long sleeve one. we are going to the river this weekend and I'm super nervous because baby girl is on antibiotics which make her very sensitive to the sun. we have been given the go ahead from our doctor to use small amounts of baby sunscreen but still, i'm going to keep her in shade as much as i can.
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  • @meg+on+the+DL I got that same suit for a friend of mines baby. Super cute:)
  • @meg+on+the+DL we have the same suit. I got the heart sunglasses too but I didn't see the head wrap I'm totally going to target tomorrow to look for it 
  • @g0lightly8706 Don't you hate that!? And I haven't seen it available online. I saw the lobster one, but not nearly as cute as this one! 

    @baya5 I just had to get it! It's seriously too cute for words! 

    @mrsc12414 I didn't see the glasses. But I have a pair that straps on and she hates me putting them on. Then I take her outside and she's like... Hey, I can see in the sun. Silly girl!!
  • @g0lightly8706 what sunscreen are you using? A friend of mine says she purchased some that was spf50. 
  • @kinnonam I wouldn't do sunscreen at this age, unless you have a special circumstance like PP does. We used Honest company once DD was old enough. Our little babies shouldn't be out in the sun for extended periods without some kind of shading (hat, sleeves, umbrella, etc) anyway. 



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  • smn14smn14 member
    I've been using huggies little swimmers and they seem pretty good
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    @kinnonam yep it's babyganics SPF 50+
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  • @kinnonam I got permission from the pediatrician with my first because she is so pale. I'm sure at LOs 4month appt she'll tell us to start using some too. I use Aveeno Baby for body and Netregena Baby for face(doesn't get in eyes)
  • KateA88KateA88 member
    We just started swim lessons, and the instructor recommended Charlie Banana reusable swim diapers. We ordered ours off Amazon, and it works great! 
  • I came across this list today thought I would share it with you ladies. 

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