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Success after IF

Hybrid Cycle Success?

mela099mela099 member
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This is my first post in the Infertility world, so bear with me.

I'm 30, TTC for 21 months, recently diagnosed via HSG with left tubal blockage. AMH level is 3.8. We tried 5 cycles of Femara + acupuncture and got positive OPKs on time, but have never conceived. DH has no issues and SA is perfectly normal.

Tomorrow I begin a hybrid cycle. This includes Femara, then .75 of Gonal-F for a few days, Ovidrel, and progesterone suppositories.
My first TSVU showed 5 follicles, one on the left blocked side and four on the right, all good sized according to the tech.

So that's me - what about you? Has anyone done this before and succeeded? What was the experience like for you?
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