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WTF Wednesday

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Re: WTF Wednesday

  • I swear, I work with a bunch of 50-year-old mean girls!
    I have watched them gang up on new person after new person. Their boss takes them to lunch once a month, and pays, and they complain about "having to go." They all got Vera Bradley purses for Administrative Assistant's Day, and OPENED THEM IN FRONT OF ME, and then complained about them the minute their boss had turned her back.
    They have pushed one person to the brink of quitting, and now they're claiming they have migraines, and are insisting that the lights get turned off in our office. I WORK IN AN EFFING OFFICE. How am I supposed to see my work if the lights are off? 
    If it's not one thing, it's another with them, and I am so over it.
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  • jrouge12 said:
    I can't leave work because I have to complete a sexual harassment training today. My WTF is who would ever say this? 
    Lmao! I'm totally going to say that to my husband tonight. And try to keep a straight face
  • @stephanienjer just WOW! That sounds like a bunch of ungrateful bullies. The office I used to work in had a lot of stupid office politics but yours sounds above and beyond the normal stupidity that happens! It would drive me insane. 
  • nackienackie member
    WTF work, why do you keep scheduling meetings for when I'm supposed to be pumping without giving me any notice?  Is it really that hard not to have impromptu meetings at noon?  Or to tell me about an interview before the applicant shows up?  
  • WTF boob, why won't this clogged duct go away? None of my usual tricks are working and I'm starting to get worried!

    @nackie How awful! That's really inconsiderate of your work.
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