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2nd Trimester Teeth & Gums

Has anyone else had to deal with tender teeth or gums? I went to bed last night with my crown hurting (which it never does) and woke up this morning with really sensitive gums. I brushed/flossed/rinse as normal but gargled some slat water just in case but they still are sore! I have read that this is a normal side effect of hormone surges btu can lead to very serious problems. I'm going to call my dentist today.

Is anyone else dealing with this?

Re: 2nd Trimester Teeth & Gums

  • When I was in my first trimester my front teeth would randomly start hurting. It's because all your muscles and stuff are loosening up, that includes the teeth. The soreness went away in about a week for me.
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    Yup, I normally have sensitive gums, and it's been much worse lately. I keep trying to blame it on me eating fruit and other acidic foods, but really pregnancy makes my gums more sensitive.
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  • My gums have been hurting on and off since I found out I was pregnant. Ive never had pain in my gums before. A friend just had a baby and warned me of pregnancy gingivitis. Fun!
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    I have this now too. Its so uncomfortable! Ive also been suffering from chronic canker sores the last fews weeks which I'm convinced are pregnancy related as well. 
  • So not fun!!! It could be what's called PIG...pregnancy induced  gingivitis. Something that's just happens unfortunately. My hubby is a dentist. He recommends keeping up brushing and flossing and if possible go in and get ur teeth cleaned from the Hygenist at ur dentist office. I got cleaning every 2 months with my last pregnancy and it really seemed to help! Good luck! 
  • I haven't been dealing with any issues this time around but I remember last pregnancy my gums would sometimes start bleeding randomly. It was so weird and embarrassing. 

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  • I'm a hygienist and I still have the pregnancy-induced sore and sometimes slightly bleeding gums! I actually scaled and polished my own teeth at work today lol. All you can really do is keep them clean, especially flossing, even if they're sore or bleeding (just be gentle)! Listerine can help too. 
  • I normally have pretty sensitive gums and that continues in pregnancy for sure.  I usually get some blood when I'm brushing, but nothing really very painful.  I don't notice any issues during the day, only when brushing.  But I know this is common so you aren't alone!
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  • Some insurances will pay for an extra cleaning while you're pregnant
  • I randomly had my gums bleed this morning brushing my teeth. That was the first time it has happened during my pregnancy
  • jennihaze said:
    I randomly had my gums bleed this morning brushing my teeth. That was the first time it has happened during my pregnancy
    This happened to me this morning! I mentally blamed it on me reading this thread
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