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can't sleep

but of course LO is sleeping wonderfully. I feel like I'm back to those last few weeks of pregnancy and just not being able to sleep to save my life. I've been going around collecting different things to donate to a local womens shelter, most of which being clothes LO has already outgrown. Anyone else have plans for your baby clothes?
Or anything else to add? Anyone else unable to sleep....just because they cant? I wanna hear it....and what do you do when you cant?

Re: can't sleep

  • I went through this a few weeks ago and am (hopefully) now coming out of it. After three weeks of little sleep/poor sleep I broke down and saw a therapist. I realized I was anxious for no reason. That helped. I also ordered a natural sleep aid for kids (figured it was more mild) and I take that each night. Luna for kids  on Amazon. That combo and trying to stick to my own bedtime routine (hehe) helps. 
  • I had pregnancy insomnia. It went away immediately after I had Sebastian. Then came back a few weeks ago (he's 5.5 mos now) scared to try anything because I bedshare and baby wakes up like 2x a night still :( I do believe I have anxiety and that's why it came back. But I can't take the medicine I was prescribed until I stop bf
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  • I had to start medication for ppd and anxiety which in turn is causing me more anxiety because I had to quit breastfeeding and I feel bad about that. So yeah not sleeping much here either...but at least my little boo boo is sleeping much better now.
  • Also I try to keep my mind busy with watching reruns of my favorite shows on Netflix or reading inspirational/faith based books.
  • Amen to watching shows. I have sleep anxiety. DD wakes every two hours to eat, very rarely goes longer. By the time I feed her and get her settled I'd just be getting back to sleep when she wakes again. So I stay awake.

    I had issues with insomnia before having kids and one of the best things suggested to me was to do something simple and nonstimulating. If you get caught up in a show or a good book, it makes it harder to settle your thoughts for sleep. Suggested activities were sudoku and word puzzles.

    The other thing was if you can't sleep after laying in bed for 45 mins. Get up for 45 mins to an hour then try again to try to avoid building anxiety around not being able to sleep.
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    Thanks ladies, I too have some anxiety issues that I'm trying to work through. I do plan to have a set time for myself to go to bed, hopefully that will help!

    @megankth sorry you feel bad about not breastfeeding, important thing is they eat and continue to least your lo is sleeping better now! :)  Definitely been trying to keep my mind busy with reruns and reading as well...which seems to help. The night I posted this, my mind was going a mile a minute and I couldn't stay still...basically went nuts trying to clean and organize.
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    @Mizuiro007 Yes to sudoku! And I've noticed if I'm just laying there for awhile (I dont keep track...maybe its close to the 45 min mark?) I get up to do something to try and ease my mind some. Idk...honestly dealing with this, and trying to figure out what works for me...just really sucks. Like I dont have other things I need to worry about and take care of lol
  • I pretty much have insomnia 2-3 times per week. I'll lay awake for hours. Doesn't help that DH snores super loudly.... I'm a paranoid sleeper. I find a heating pad helps. I go to bed with a hot water bottle and I fall asleep way faster.
  • hello, did you guys ever considered using MMJ or CBD oils, Compounds in marijuana naturally relax your mind and body. The best weed for insomnia typically contains a high level of CBD. Research shows that marijuana can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. It can also improve “deep wave” sleep cycles where we get the most rest. Trying medical marijuana strains like for insomnia can help restore your natural brain chemistry. This may get you into a new routine, where falling asleep comes more easily. Just sharing have a nice day

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    Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from insomnia. I don't know why it happens, but I'm one of them and I'm looking for the ways of solving this problem. Having surfed the Internet, I found an interesting information about marijuana and was surprised that it can improve sleep. Frankly speaking, I haven't tried yet, but I've already found out about measurements from this post, and I'm going to try it. In my opinion, it is better to smoke some weed than to use pills every night. 
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