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Face wash suggestions?

hey y'all! So I usually swear by my R+F Unblemish routine but my dr suggested I not use it much while I'm pregnant because the face wash has sulfer in it. So does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations of what I can use in the meantime? This is my second pregnancy and my face is going insane this time around. Thanks! 

Re: Face wash suggestions?

  • I'm loving mama mio's gorgeous glow face wash. I ordered a starter kit that has 4 of their products in small sizes. 
  • kms456kms456 member
    honestly no matter what I switch to, my face is still a hot freaking mess this pregnancy. It's an issue.
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  • I use Neutragena oil free. It helped when I wasn't pregnant but I'm not sure anything can help me now. I'm pretty inexperienced with skin care so I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts and choices. 
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  • Cetaphil is the only face wash that works for my skin. Neutrogena or any of those drug store brands have never worked for me. Never tried Arbonne or any of those
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  • loko08loko08 member
    I switched to the Clinique 7 day scrub and dramatically different moisturizing lotion after my skin got super dry during 1st tri. It's worked really well for me!
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  • I've been into Cerave. It sucks if you have preggo acne- there really isn't much you can do. My skin was SO BAD with DD1. I still have scars :(
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  • I have to second the Mama Mio face wash! I got the same kit- and I'm in LOVE with all of the products. I'm ordering the full sizes so that I'll never be without.
    I've always had problematic skin, and... for the first time in decades, my complexion is clear and easy! I like to think that this baby is trying to say sorry for making me so SO sick during the first trimester... :smiley: 

    Good luck finding what works for you! 
  • I have been using Dermalogica Ultra Calming for years and love it.


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  • Elev429Elev429 member
    No advice but following this for sure.  My face has been so freaking dry!
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  • I second Cerave or Cetaphil (they're basically the same) and every dermatologist I've been to has said to use those two brands.
  • I've been using Cerave for years. I really like it. 
  • Thanks ladies! I may try mama mio my hubby was telling me about it because I use their belly cream. Will have to look into the set. Cataphyl never worked for me, so that's def out. I'm gonna check out the dermalogica too. I'm seriously dying here! With my first pregnancy...being pregnant made my skin flawless! And this time, I'm starting to look like the crypt keeper since I can't use my products. please if anyone has more suggestions...keep them coming! 
  • @Jessie62808 Do you have a Clarisonic? I used to get pretty consistent cystic acne and when I switched to a gentle cleanser (Cetaphyl or Cerave) and used the Clarisonic it vanished overnight. That and cutting out dark sodas (Coke, root beer, Dr. Pepper, etc.); something about the caramel coloring was causing the breakouts. Good luck!
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