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Single vs double sutures?

Do they make a difference and does your doctor require one over the other?

Re: Single vs double sutures?

  • My prior op report for my section (obviously done by the resident, which I did not know at the time and am furious about), does not specify single or double layer closure.  My OB prefers double, is OK with a single or unknown closure as long as it was a low horizontal incision >!8 months ago or more.

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  • I read that double is better.... it’s helps with later deliveries and not tearing. I believe one of the reasons they do c-sections after the first is because a fear of tearing the old incision. However I read that lots of doctor go the quick route and do single. I had these discussions with my OB before and she said it out loud with my first when she was doing it. Gave me more comfort and I feel like I can hopefully push this next one out. 
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