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Can cramps or tightening be normal after an embryo transfer?

I had a 5 day transfer on Sunday and have had slight cramps or almost tightening on and off since then. I have emailed the nurse but she has not responded yet. I was given a lot of information on what to look out for as far as serious symptoms that require a doctor visit but I wasn't told there might be symptoms from the transfer itself. I am a gestational surrogate and I am hoping this works. (this couple has been through a lot) (and I realize this is not implantation, not that I would probably even feel that)

I know this is going to be a long 2 weeks and that if a pregnancy is achieved I wouldn't know until the end of next week. As I wait for the nurse to reply I just thought I would ask if anyone else was told slight cramps could be a normal experience after an embryo transfer.

Re: Can cramps or tightening be normal after an embryo transfer?

  • Hi, blush! What you're feeling is absolutely ok and quite normal. I happen to read about women facing the same symptoms even too often when officially was in my 2ww.  We’d passed 3 shots IVF treatment with donor eggs in Biotexcom clinic, Ukraine. Every time I'd experienced almost the same. (Keep my fingers crossed for our rainbow. <3 ). So, these are the things I usually experienced in between 1-1.2 weeks. During the first days after embryo transfer I’d been facing abundant vaginal discharge. Of course that made me worry a bit. But they explained it usually appears due to the hormonal levels and because of having taken progesterone vaginally. All in all I can describe it as spotting with more or less dark brown blood, no bleeding. Then my breasts became harder, more swollen than normal. I also noticed some kind of tickle all around my nipples. And that my areolas became darker. Also I was a little fatigued. And probably one more thing I was not prepared for – constant urge to urinate – oops! Not a comforting thing really, especially when you have to concentrate on work – lol. And finally a little bit cramping..But it was not bothering though.
    I'm absolutely sure you'll be ok and feel better in a few days. :) Will be praying for your positive, hun!!
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