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Are any STM+ planning for a VBAC?  What are you doing to get ready and what does your provider tell you about how best to VBAC?
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  • lblu43lblu43 member
    We are planning for a VBac, but I had to promise my doc I'd keep an open mind for the potential C. DS was sunnyside up (posterior), after 10 hrs of labor. With this LO measuring big so far, its unknown if I'll struggle this go round. DS was just over 7lbs. If this LO goes over 8, she may call it if we struggle too much. I really wanted to tough this one out with the VBac. At 29 wks though the LO is still breech. Hoping he turns correctly. 

    I've been stretching and walking as much as possible.  I also read squats and kegels are a must! Not sure if they'll make a difference. I'm also larger this time.  We DS I maxed around 156lbs. So far now I'm 166lbs, with at least 8 more wks to go. I'm 5'6" pre-prego typically 130-135.
  • I am planning to vbac but haven't been doing a whole lot to get ready.  I took Bradley classes with my first so I plan on reviewing all of my information and going through the relaxation techniques I learned from that.  I have heard/read that less intervention is best so I will avoid being induced like the plague.  I think the most important thing I did in preparing was to find a provider and hospital that are very pro vbac. They actually recommended a vbac over a repeat, which seems to be uncommon here in the US.  They haven't even mentioned a c-section once since I told them I was planning to vbac.  I actually brought up c-section to them at my last appt just to get an idea of what would happen if I end up needing one after being in labor forever, like my dd.  

    @lblu43 -  don't worry yet about baby being breech.  My dd switched from head down to breech at 36 weeks and my last ob said that he wouldn't get worried until 38 weeks.  He said it is harder for them to move but he had plenty of babies switch last minute so not to worry.  Luckily, dd switched right back around at 37 weeks so it didn't become an issue.  I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one to being dealing with a little more weight this time.  I am almost identical in numbers as you and have been stressing horribly about it.  
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  • @lblu43 and @Sekerambo I'm glad to hear there are other mamas out there going for this!  My provider is incredibly supportive of a VBAC.  The reason for my first was that he was breech at 38 weeks and another complication meant he had to come out quickly.  Without much time to research a version, I went for the c-section. 

    Current baby is also breech at almost 29 weeks, but baby was measuring two weeks ahead last Friday!  I've been doing Spinning Babies moves/stretches, going to a chiro for Webster technique adjustments and have a bodywork/massage session scheduled for the first week of June to loosen up muscles that might be keeping baby in this position.  And if it is necessary, and as long as my midwife thinks it is a good idea, I'm going for the version this time.  Also hoping to avoid induction!
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  • I had a uterine tear with DS1, so they said DS2 did not have a vbac option, and same with this one on the way... talked to a l&d nurse today and she said this is one of the legitimate options for not having a vbac... too much risk. first doc screwed it all up for me...
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  • lblu43lblu43 member
    @mmclark10 I'm so glad you posted this line! This LO has also measured 2wks consistently since 20wks. I read a few articles about turning baby positions. DH thought I was crazy when i told him i was going to lay upside down. We have an apt next wk.  Its been 5 wks since my last w my OB so I'm anxious to get her perspective.  She already told me if he's late she will automatically go for a C over induction. 
  • @mmclark10 and @lblu43 - How late will your doctors let you go?  

    I have heard great things about spinning babies so that is definitely worth a shot. I ended up with a c-section due to my dd being stuck so my situation is different.  I went through days of labor only to end up with a c-section so I'm hoping this time will be different.  
  • @Sekerambo My midwife hasn't discussed that with me yet.  This next appointment is a cheering session for a VBAC to my husband because he still seems sort of skeptical about the whole thing.  His words "The c-section was so easy...for me."  :)  I'm guessing it will come up at the 30 wk appointment next week.  To add to the uncertainty, I had a liver condition called cholestasis pop up at 37 weeks last time which is what prompted the necessity to have DS at 38 weeks and when we found out he was breech.  So, not sure it will happen this pregnancy or not and that would have a definite impact on whether or not we can wait until this baby arrives on its own.

    I'm doing a lot more of the "Flip a breech" exercises this week and hopeful it will help!  I did the ironing board on Monday night and baby was in a somewhat different position most of the day yesterday, hoping to loosen things up with some more stretching and try it again...and again!

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  • lblu43lblu43 member
    @Sekerambo , she's assuming he is coming at least a wk early. If 38 wks come n go we'll schedule the C for 39-39.5 wks. She doesn't want us going past 40. I'm in a similar boat to @mmclark10 though.... my 30 wk appt is next Tues.  Hoping to solidify answers then.
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