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Worst feeling EVER!

I feel like such a bad mom today that I cried! I was trying to get the stroller in the car and was holding DD with one arm. Well she pushed against me and kinda fell backwards, so I dropped the stroller and caught her back with my other hand. Her legs never left my arm that was holding her, so it was like she leaned too far back. She cried for a few minutes because it scared her (and me!). She's completely fine and happy, but I keep thinking what if....

Anyways I needed to share my feelings because the feeling of being a bad mom is the absolute worst!

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Re: Worst feeling EVER!

  • Don't beat your self up over it. As women and mothers we are expected to do 10 things at once. I know this has happened to me with a baby or 2. Baby is ok and you certainly didn't do it on purpose so just breath mama!
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    I had to call poison control the other day, sooo.... I win? But these things happen. Your kid is gonna get hurt and scared, and sometimes it might even be a little bit (or a lot) our fault. That's just life and doesn't make you a bad mom so don't beat yourself up! Definitely learn from it, but then give yourself a break and just let it go.
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  • Stuff like this happens to me all of the time.  I assume it does to everyone else too! Don't worry!
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    My little guy has done exactly what you describe before! 
  • I had this feeling the first time I whacked his head on a door frame when carrying him. And the first time I whacked him in the face when picking up his car seat... And too many other times to count. You're doing just fine mama!
  • Same thing happened yesterday to my daughter when I was trying to get the dogs leash back on. I had her in my arm and she started falling way back, thank god I caught her but we were both scared. I proceeded to call my husband and cuss out the dog for never listening, lol! But my daughter is ok and glad yours is too! Don't beat yourself up over these kind of things, we are doing our best and stuff like this can happen (and probably will happen in the future!). 
  • Thank you so much ladies! I felt much better after I cried, and I know it's bound to happen again especially when she's a toddler.

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  • My son, my first child, awarded me with many of the "worst mom awards." He was less than a week old and we had changed his diaper, went to pick him up, and smacked his head on the shelf above him. I was a wreck. He's fine. His head is QUITE hard, figuratively and literally. And like it's on cute, while I typed that, he took a swan dive off of the couch, face first... Laid there for a second, got up and ran away laughing. 

    You're doing just fine! Things happen. And I'm sure if we asked our mothers, similar things happened to us wren we were babies! 
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    I know, it's a terrible feeling! I've cut my son with nail clippers more than once, and smacked him in the head with something while leaning over while he was in his wrap (he lunged at just the wrong time). But I know it's nothing compared to what he'll do to his own body once he's more mobile! 
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    Ugh! I tripped over my sons toys on the floor while holding DD. Luckily I caught my fall on my KNEES! I cried just because... WHAT IF...but I'm so sleep deprived my emotions are just out of whack. 

    Hang in there. We all have our moments. 
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  • I've hit my LOs head on the car door and the car ceiling several times. I've had a couple close calls like what happened with you. Babies like to fling themselves backwards at just the wrong time. My FIL was dropped on his head as a baby and he's fine.
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  • My husband accidently cut the babys finger with the nail clipper yesterday. It seemed like a lot of blood & I almost freaked out on him but he himself was so distraught. He felt so bad she jerked so quick he didn't even realize he'd cut her finger until he saw blood gushing. I was about to be upset but I had to admit to myself that it could've been me. Accidents happen we just have to learn a better approach for the next time
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