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4 week scan ..... no sac hcg 278

Yesterday i had a scan in e.r. because of alot of pain on my right side pelvic area.  The tech saw no sac and my hcg is 278. Im a bit worried, that something is wrong.  Also has anyone had a corpus luteum cyst in early pregnancy? 
Today im exactly 5 weeks with an appointment  scheduled for 7 weeks on June 6th. 

Re: 4 week scan ..... no sac hcg 278

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    I had a corpus luteum cyst with this pregnancy--they saw it at my 8 week scan. 5 weeks seems awfully early to be able to see anything at all. My OB won't do scans earlier than 8 weeks. Hopefully they can see more at your next appointment!

    ETA: I did have a fair bit of discomfort with the cyst. Nothing ER-worthy, but I suspected the cyst before I went to my scan because of the discomfort I had been experiencing on my left side, which is where they found it. 

  • As @Sporty1216 said, 5 weeks is REALLY early.  My RE wouldn't even do my confirmation ultrasound until 7 weeks because the risk of not seeing a heartbeat at 6 weeks is too high.  Not seeing anything at 4-5 weeks seems normal.  

    I had a bunch of corpus luteum cysts with this pregnancy (IVF) and had one with my first pregnancy as well.  They're pretty normal, I think.  It was uncomfortable, but I agree, not ER-worthy.  I hope everything goes ok for you.  Keep us posted.
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  • My dr said corpus luteum cysts are completely normal. Mine was pretty big and caused some pain for a while. The earliest u/s I had was at 5 weeks and just showed a gestational sac and a yolk sac. I've never heard of anyone getting a 4 week scan. 
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  • My doctor will only do an u/s when the HCG numbers get above 2000 and even then he warned us that u won't see anything but a dot.  He is just checking to ensure it isn't in the tubes and will also run another beta.  The beta is only
    helpful if it is run in 48 hours to see if the number is doubling.  Hth

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