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Monday BF

Let it all out!!!

My teenage daughter...that's all I have to say about that :#

Re: Monday BF

  • I lost my voice due to allergies and sinus issues. Now I can't scold my 2 yr old who keeps waking up the baby...
  • My MIL has broken it off with her fiance of 11 years because he's a cheating, immature child. Which is good! But damn it you are a 53 yr old adult, you do not need your children to parent and coddle and take care of you. My DH has promised to help her financially for the rest of the year so she can finish remodeling her house. This breakup has been waffling for the past 3 weeks, and since she can't handle anything on her own, my DH and to a lesser extent his 2 siblings have been taking care of her and covering her food and other expenses. You are a grown ass woman, put on your big girl pants and manage your own stuff, I want my husband back.
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  • carlyhammondcarlyhammond member
    edited May 2016
    It's my birthday. 
    So far my mother has texted me if I wanted an ice tray for when I make baby food.  But no happy birthday... 

    Edit: she JUST said happy birthday (2hrs later) on a Facebook post that mentioned my birthday. 
    I'm feeling the love mom. 
  • @carlyhammond happy birthday! If i knew you personally I'd make you a cake
  • Happy birthday carlyhammond!

    My Monday BF goes out to the baby clothing stores - all the clothes in the 12 mo size look like "big kid" clothes which is understandable but my (barely) 4 month old is wearing 9 mo stuff already and I want to keep him in baby-looking clothes for longer. 
  • mom2be2016mom2be2016 member
    edited May 2016
    Happy Birthday to you @carlyhammond !!!! 
  • Happy Birthday @carlyhammond! My birthday is tomorrow :)

    I had to get the oil changed in my car today (one of the worst and most time consuming errand ever), and they informed me I needed new tires. There went our little vacation stash :(

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  • Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes @ashleyandjody happy early birthday!!! 

    My mother is a bag full of insults lately. 
    Called me fat 
    insinuated she "knew better than I do" (when putting diapers on my son) 
    and at this very moment she's insulting my wardrobe. 

    If if I didn't need her to baby sit, I'd take a vacation from her. 
  • My bitchfest is about daycare waiting times in the LA area.  We've been on two waiting list since I was 5 months pregnant and the earliest we're looking at is *maybe* October at one, and January 2017 for the other.  :((((((  So, it looks like we're going to have to pay $$$$ for a nanny in the meantime, which means we will basically be breaking even, money wise, for several months, which scares me because I like to have a savings buffer, especially now that we have a LO.  Sigh.  I absolutely cannot go back to work later than end of July/August, financially, and that's already crazily longer than I was planning.  I'm lucky that I work freelance so I've been able to push as much as we have, but freelance also means I'm not officially on any kind of leave, certainly not paid, I'm just unemployed.

    We are considering whether or not my husband should leave his job and take care of her until we are in daycare, but his job has the awesome benefits, mine has the awesome money (why can't they go together in one job??) so that seems unlikely.  I don't understand how in a city of so many people there are so few daycare options for infants.  

    (PS - On the off chance that anyone knows of any daycares with openings that take infants in the LA area, I would be eternally grateful.)
  • First, Xfinity! Our Internet connection suddenly went kaput! Down for over a week! Couldn't connect to crap. So, I'm back now! Hurray! 

    Second, SO's brother and his dad. We've had zero contact with his brother in over 3 years because, well, he and his wife suck. Well, good ol' FIL tells the brother EVERYTHING. SO told him not to say a word about our custody case, so, what does he do? He tells them. Now they are blowing up our phones saying that they don't know why we're upset with them. Maybe because you have no idea how to take care of a child when you spend time with her (stepdaughter) or because you sent messages saying how neither he, or her mother, should have custody of the child... F off. 
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