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Weird and negative reactions from friends and family?!

I know I'm prob not alone in this- so anyone else having these experiences please let me know! I've been getting some rude and negative reactions from friends and family when we tell them that we're pregnant. It's been hard for me to take some of these reactions in stride. Part of myself really wants to not care, another part wants to flip out on the spot! I know that other people's reactions have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with their issues- but seriously, am i the last polite person on the planet. wtf!?


Told a close friend, her reaction..."I thought you didn't want kids?" In fact- a couple of people said that to me. Then i found myself explaining myself. wtf?

my younger sister- "whoa, are you keeping it?"

multiple friends: "are you happy about it?" (no, i'm not, im just smiling and telling you in a happy way for no good reason)

when i said the baby was healthy and larger than average, "oh well you'll be surprised how much you can stretch, i was tearing so they gave me an episiotomy" wtf? how about "that's great news! i'm happy to hear the baby is so healthy"? 

FIL: "you turkeys..." What? like we goofed up on something? what does that even mean?

ALSO turning to the dad multiple people have talked to my husband like i'm not even there and said stuff like "now you be patient with her" (thanks grandpa in law- what about my patience for your grandson for 8 years of our relationship?)

friend: turns to hubby/dad to be, "you look like you have had your head bitten off a few times already" WTF?!!??!

Me and my hubby talked about this today: in general, people seem to make comments that treat him like a victim. as if pregnancy is a prison sentence that he has to endure. How about simply, "congrat's, i'm happy for you, i know you'll be a great dad..." or simply SAY NOTHING. Honestly, i'm starting to look at my friends and family and think, who are all these people?

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