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Speech delay

Heya so little one turned 1 the first week of May and my husband is very concerned that the only "words" she says are dada and baba. But she uses them constantly and doesn't seem to discriminate. She has babbled other consonants to some degree but it's seldom. She has had speech delays in general with cooing and babbling so he's wondering if we should see a speech pathologist. Our pediatrician isn't worried but my husband thinks she should be saying more words at this point. I know some other 1 year olds that are saying "momma, dadda, ball," etc.

Re: Speech delay

  • all babies are different- my niece was not talking until she was closer to two years old and they got a speech pathologist who helped.
    Your baby is at least saying a couple of words, which is really good! 
    Mine says 5 words and is quite yappy, but she doesn't walk and isn't really giving any indication that she'll be doing so soon.
    I know other 1 year olds who are walking- but i'm not worried.  They all develop differently. 

    Yours doesn't seem far off the curve. 

  • At a year old DD1 had many words ( she started talking at 9 months). DD2... not so much.  She only says mama, dada and just today uh oh ( and general baby babble). Each kid is different. if the doctor isn't worried I wouldn't worry yet either. You'll be amazed at her growth over the next few months :) If you still find her progress concerning in a few months definitely bring it up at the 15 month appointment. 
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  • If you are really worried I would 1st check hearing. L/o will have a speech delay because of diagnosis but we found out at around 9 months she had some hearing loss due to fluid. This stunted some of her development.  
  • Yes we had her hearing checked and everything was WNL. An update: Our LO is now in speech therapy as she had 2 consults that concluded that she has weak oral muscles possibly due to her mild hypotonia at birth.
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