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Cleaning Products

Hi ladies I want to know what your using to clean your house. I'm an avid bleach user but looking for something with less/no chemicals. What are you using that works? 

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  • I use CitraSolv. One bottle of concentrate lasts forever because you dilute a small amount into a spray bottle of water. We have our kitchen and bath professionally cleaned once a month and they use CitraSolv and Bon Ami.



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  • I really like the Mrs. Meyers brand - all natural and smells divine! 
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  • I'm a fan of Ecover brand cleaners and laundry detergent. And dish soap. 
  • I also use the mrs Meyer brand sometimes I've used the honest kind when it's on sale . I also use the Clorox green line for like my toilets etc 
  • For several years now, we've used a super simple vinegar solution that we make ourselves. Anytime we eat an orange, I put the peel in a container in the fridge and cover with vinegar (just keep adding peels and vinegar as needed). The vinegar kills a boatload of nasty things and the orange oils seep into the solution for a nice smell. Every few weeks I mix equal parts water and orange vinegar into my spray bottle. I use it for everything from mirrors and windows to all surfaces. The only exception is the inside of toilets, which I do bleach (because yuck!).
  • Melaleuca!  I use all of their cleaning solutions. Very safe. We also use their shampoo and conditioners as well as their laundry soap. Love their products!
  • Simple green. I remember cleaning science lab tables with it in college, and it's fairly low Eco and people impact. You can get concentrate bottles and dilute to your own needs
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