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Love my SO - 5/22 Edition

It's been a couple weeks since the last one I think, so I figured let's brag about the wonderful things they do to say they love us!

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Re: Love my SO - 5/22 Edition

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    I just recently quit my job due to health issues and stress and my DH didn't say one word just supported my decision even tho it's not ideal and it's not what he wanted he knows it's what I needed and I'm so thankful I have him to support me. Even tho he's been on my last nerve the past couple days LOL! 
  • My DH is great with my parents - he's always willing to spend time with my family, and even my extended family. He has a great relationship with my mom and dad and sisters and I am so thankful for that! We're a close knit family and he has blended in seamlessly. I love him for that!

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  • My husband has been the coolest ;) a When I found out I was pregnant this time I was upset and crying because I wasn't quite ready I couldnt find a much needed job, just stopped pumping for baby#1 and I'll have 2 under 2. But my husband was so excited told me he couldn't be happier I was having another child for him to love and it was ok if I didn't go back to work. He supports me, our baby and my sister who just graduated college. He treats her like she is just another child or ours. And he just bought us a new (new to us anyway) truck to make sure we have room for this new baby coming. He is stressing about nothing! I love this man. I couldn't find anyone more perfect for me... 
  • I'm normally pretty hard on DH (something I'm really trying to work on) because I feel as though he doesn't take initiative to help around the house without me asking.

    Anyhow, yesterday he kept DD all day so I could go on an extended brunch with girlfriends. I stopped by the grocery store and cooked dinner when I got home. However, I was exhausted and left the kitchen a mess while I crashed on the couch. To my surprise, DH cleaned the entire kitchen on his own and emptied the dishwasher while I was asleep! This has definitely made my week
  • Since I've been sick the entire time, DH has brought me breakfast in bed every day. He's done a lot to take care of things while I'm in bed, and I'm so thankful.
  • lrg14lrg14 member
    My DH was been so understanding through out first tri. We've eaten a lot of takeout and frozen meals since I couldn't fathom the idea of cooking.

    Its also so exciting to see him get so excited about this baby. He planned the announcement and designed it himself and it looks great!
  • MrsAubyMrsAuby member
    I've been having pelvic pain for about a month now. (I'm pretty sure it's symphysis pubis dysfuncion. I had it with my daughter but not until the end of the pregnancy...this is going to be a loooong 5ish months!!) I was getting ready to sweep and mop yesterday and DH saw I was in pain and took the broom from me and did it all while I sat in the recliner. AND he did the dishes :)
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  • My Love has been amazing. He is going through chemo right now, and even though he is having a tough time he still takes the time to do special things for me. He also thanks me almost everyday for "growing our baby" and he is just the sweetest. 
  • These days my husband will often get up with my daughters if they wake up in the night.  It's soooo nice as hee knows I am exhausted and need the sleep at night.
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  • tjc378tjc378 member
    My husband treats me like a pretty princess lol.  He is a pilot so he is gone much of the time, but when he is home, I don't have to lift a finger.  He does the laundry, cooks all 3 meals for me, and takes care of our dog (he did this even before we got pregnant.)  He also helped turn our bedroom into the girliest, princess room I've ever seen (I've never had my own room (minus the one year I lived on my own), so he let me turn our bedroom into my rose-themed "princess" room.  Since we are having a girl, it will double as a nursery as well.  :) 
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