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I purchased a Moby Original Wrap and LO and I loved it when he was younger. But now that he's 4 months I can't seem to get it tight enough to be comfortable. Plus he doesn't seem comfortable in it. I'm considering other carrier options and was curious what you ladies used. Thanks for the help!

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  • My LO and I LOVED our wrap but if he's not sleeping he now hates it. We have the ergo 360 which he now finds lots more acceptable. 
  • I also have an ergo 360 and we love it!
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  •  Moby is a knit fabric with a lot of give. It really stops being supportive after baby reaches 12-13 lbs or so. It's time to upgrade! Get a woven wrap. They are exactly like the moby in design but are from fabrics without much give and in beautiful patterns and colors. I love my (wrapsody breeze)it's light wieght and breathable unlike a moby. Mine is purple and grey dip dyed with a speckled effect. I believe the style is called Lily. The different colors of the warp really help you keep from getting twisted up. There's nothing more supportive than a correctly tied woven wrap. But for convience I'm looking at investing in a Mai tie. I have ring slings also but I feel like they are for older babies and short trips like in the store maybe it's my big bust and the rings that bother me, I don't know. I rock a woven for extended walking trips like at the park.
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    If you haven't already wrap him with the legs out! My guy liked the wrap again once we took his legs out :) unless you've already done this! 
  • I love my ergo 360! I cant wait until LO is big enough for the hip or back position!
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  • EbiejayEbiejay member
    I second PP, LO liked it much better again once I started putting his legs out. We use a Boba, which is very supportive as long as I make it tight enough, but it's getting a bit warm for the summer weather. We also have a Lillebaby carrier, but so far LO hasn't adjusted to it and doesn't like it. I'm hoping he will as it's extremely versatile and comfortable (and expensive >_<). 
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    Love my ergo performance. It's mesh so more breathable than the original. Everyone I put her in it, she falls asleep within minutes. It's been my go to in order to get grocery shopping done!
  • We have the original ergo and love it!
  • I love my Tula! I have a Boba too, but haven't put dd in it for a few weeks now. 
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  • Thanks everyone! We've tried legs out and he still doesn't like it. I've been looking at an Ergo 360 or a Tula. The Ergo seems to be popular here though! Hopefully we find something soon!
  • There's a Facebook group called babywearing 102, the ladies on there are SO incredibly helpful and can give you tons of options from experience! There are so many different carriers that it sometimes blows my mind to try to figure out on my own! Lol 
  • Before you buy, look to see if there is a babywearing group in your area. We have one, and they have a lending library. (For $10 a month, you can borrow a carrier for the entire month. After paying the $10 three times, you don't pay it any more.) The other great thing about the groups are that they can help you tweak things, and you can be sure that you're doing everything correctly. I started with a ring sling, and it just wasn't love. Several meetings and several adjustments later, I still feel that way. 
    I tried a Babyhawk, which is a mei tai, and the simplicity of it can't be beat. Also, since there's no structure, it's still good for my LO, who is not quite sitting on her own yet.
    Yesterday, at our meeting, I tried wrapping for the first time. I had never done it, because I was really intimidated, but having someone on hand that could correct me as I was learning was priceless. I think my next purchase will be trading my ring sling for a woven wrap.
  • bmmimsbmmims member
    We love our Ergo 360!
  • I'm glad for this thread. I've been thinking about which carrier to purchase now that LO is getting so big. Lots of good recommendations for the Ergo 360! I'm going to have to try one. Baby especially loves being carried facing out so this seems like it'll be a good option. 
  • I borrowed my sister-in-law's Moby wrap. LO liked it to sleep facing me when he was smaller. After about 2 months old, he was too wiggly and not comfortable anymore. He is finally big enough to fit in the Infantino Flip Front or Rear carrier. He didn't like facing in, but I can face him out now and he likes that a lot better. As long as I keep moving he's happy! ;) A friend of mine has an Ergo and she loves it! 
  • Definitely agree with PP about trying to find some to test out. I started with an ergo 360 and it really hurt my shoulders so I tried a Tula and the fit was better/more comfy. I'm also a big fan of ring slings :)
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  • I loved our Moby when LO was small. Now I love our Infantino Mai Tai, Lillebaby Essentials, and our Woven Wrap. It's a 5, and I could really use a 6 or 7, but it was a steal so I make due!! I would definitely suggest you try several out before buying. There's a great facebook group Babywearing on a Budget. Everything is required to be $100 or less. There's some great carriers/wraps available there!

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  • There's a great facebook group Babywearing on a Budget. Everything is required to be $100 or less. There's some great carriers/wraps available there!

    I agree. I'm part of that group too. There are some serous deals! 
    I use a second hand, cheap Baby Bjorn, which LO likes, but gets angry that she can't look around. It usually ends up with her motor boating me the entire time, then I finally get her out and have to change clothes because my shirt is SOAKED. Otherwise, I've got a woven wrap that isn't stretchy which makes the carries much more secure since they don't loosen or stretch while you're baby wearing. 
  • We love our Boba Carrier 4G, and it's great for long-term use, so the investment is solid. Nice wide seat, amazing foot stirrups for when they are bigger, and really easy to nurse in. We found it very easy to switch from front carry to back carry, too, even when babe was sleeping! Just love all the quick release adjustment straps I can use while wearing - no need to take it offer first, etc. Hugs to you, mama!
  • Anyone heard of the manduca baby carrier and have an opinion about it?  After reading this thread I thought I should go to a shop to check out and try carriers rather than buying online without trying first.  The baby shop near me carries only 2 brands: ergo & manduca.  I was surprised that if you want to try them you need to book a session and it costs $90 to try them (if you buy the carrier then they charge "only" $70 for the session).  Is that common?  Maybe I should buy one without trying first after all... Or I can rent one for a week from the shop too as a way to try it and it's cheaper then the session (unless I want to rent and try more than one)...  If I go with one it seems ergo 360 is the one with most recommendations so far, but thought I'd check if anyone here uses manduca and has thoughts to share on it.
  • klbhklbh member
    @juliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no, that sounds crazy to me! I just went into a local store today and tried on several for free. They didn't even complain when I left without buying one (I plan to buy from them, just wanted to do more research first, but for all they know I could have just been planning to buy on Amazon after leaving).
  • That's just crazy! At buy buy baby you can try any of them on and they even have a baby to put in it (if you don't want to use your babe while experimenting) 
  • There are several shops around me that sell carriers, none of them charge to try them on. Look for a local BWI (baby wearing international) group, you can usually try on carriers at their meetings for free. Most of them will even lend out carriers if you become a member.
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  • Absolutely try on any carrier before buying it. Every carrier is really about the best for your body, and they need to be tried on just like clothes. I have a Beco Gemini. I tried it for $10 for a month from my local babywearing group. It's only $100 on Albee Baby with certain prints. 
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  • Thank you for the feedback.  Unfortunately there aren't many baby shops around me and there doesn't seem to be a baby wearing group though I did sign up on their website for updates in case new chapters open...  I will try to find some other options to try carriers or maybe find second hand ones so I can find a better deal in case I am not able to try first and end up wanting a different carrier...
  • klbhklbh member
    For those with the Ergo 360, do you wear baby facing out? Is it comfortable? I think my babe would like it, but the lady at the shop where I tried on carriers didn't have that one in stock, and she said she generally doesn't recommend forward-facing carries because it places more strain on the parents' back. (This is assuming it's one with proper ergonomics for the baby, not one of the "crotch-danglers"). But kiddo is always craning his neck desperately to look around from his Boba wrap, which is why I'm looking for another carrier in the first place. I don't want to drop $100+ just to find out he's still restless/bored with staring at my chest! 
  • I have the Ergo 360 and we wear baby facing out!  With all my other children just the regular Ergo was fine because they liked to face in.  This baby is very nosy and likes to face out.  I have two regular Ergos and bought the 360 just for this baby.  I think it's great because you can wear it four different ways.  My baby was the same as yours.  Wanted to be able to see out.  He loves the Ergo 360.  Get it! :)
  • I would also suggest a carrier you can wear on your back once baby is old enough. The Lillebaby Essentials carries in the front (chest to chest), on the hip, and on the back. As soon as baby is sitting he can go on the back. And if you are brave enough, any baby can be worn on the back with a woven wrap. 
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