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Dr. Suggestions for Maple Grove Area...

I am looking to switch clinics/hospitals. I previously had my children at Mercy - just wasn't not to happy with them. I am now looking to switch to Maple Grove. Can any of you ladies give me a referral of who would be a GREAT Dr (I prefer to have natural births with little intervention). Thank You!!!

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    I am looking to set up an appointment here soon - I want to get a full physical and make sure I am good to go before we start TTC in Sept. Also wanting to find a Dr. I am comfortable with (female Drs only.) Does anyone know can I use a midwife at the Maple Grove Hospital? Or do I have to use the Dr.s they have? 
  • Not sure if you're still looking since this post is from awhile back, but thought I'd help if I could!

    For my first, I delivered at Maple Grove Hospital and was VERY happy with my experience there. All the nurses were great and I and my baby were very well taken care of. 

    I went to Oakdale OBGYN, located in the same building as the hospital. They have both doctors and midwives. I went the doctor route, so I can't speak for their midwives, but I was VERY happy with their clinic and my experience there. My appointments were always on time, and when it came time for the birth, they followed my birth plan to a T. I did decide to get the epidural (which I was open to in my birth plan), but I was never pressured or even asked if I wanted medication until I requested it.

    I would definitely recommend giving them a call and asking about their midwife service! With the doctors, you can see whoever you'd like for your appointments, but when you go into labor, whichever doctor is on call would deliver you (most their OBs are women, but there are two men). I believe they have three midwives. I'm not sure how that works when it comes to delivery, so you'd have to ask.

    Hope that helps!
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