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2 month old rolling on side at night

Hi, my daughter will be 2 months old tomorrow. She rolled tummy to back for the first time last weekend during tummy time but I haven't seen her do it since.  We have stopped swaddling her because she was breaking out of it, and since we stopped swaddling she has started to roll onto her side at night. We always place her on her back to sleep and she rolls onto her side on her own. Is it safe to leave her or should we reposition her onto her back?

Re: 2 month old rolling on side at night

  • Sounds completely safe to me. DD who is 7w also sleeps a lot on her side and have done that for a while. I've also heard that when their able to turn themselves it's fine. 
  • With my first son he would roll onto his stomach to sleep around five months old. He was rolling during the day too but I was so worried that I continually made my husband roll him back over to his back and I would do so in the middle of the night. Someone told me that if they were strong enough to roll themselves then to let them be. 
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  • eivaskaeivaska member
    If he's doing it on his own he should be fine. Our LO moves between her side and back at night and has for a couple of weeks now.

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