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Only wants milk

Since my daughter started on whole milk she started drinking less and less water, she never cared for juice. Now I'm lucky if I can get her to drink 2 sips a day of water or when I try juice. She use to love water but not anymore. Anybody else have this problem?

Re: Only wants milk

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    We are having this issue. l try to give her sips all throughout the day, but mostly she just shakes her head no. Last night I did try putting a small about of milk in her cup and filling it the rest of the way with water. It worked ok. I wondered about trying to use fruit infused water just to give it a little flavor. Our LO has also started being more picky about what she eats. She used to love strawberries, but now won't touch them. Maybe it's just phase?
  • I would suggest what PP suggested as well. Do half water/half milk and then slowly decrease the milk amount from there. I also only offer milk to LO at meal times, He has his water available to him all day. LO loves water though so i'm lucky, he will drink plenty of each. 
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